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The world of Sundering Shadows is pantheistic and includes many deities who may be worshipped by mortals. While any mortal may make offerings to any deity to appease him or her, each mortal is also encouraged to choose a patron who will help guide the mortal’s life. These are the deities and their spheres of influence, their spell domains.

Current Pantheon

Jarmila - Light/Love
Domains renewal, sun, fire, good
Allies Callamir, Kreysneothosies, Lysara
Enemies Lord Shadow, Nilith, The Faceless One
Kreysneothosies - Home/Protection
Domains good, law, protection, war
Allies Jarmila, Lysara
Enemies The Faceless One, Nilith, khyron
Callamir - Luck/Trickery
Domains freedom, bravery, wine, ale, adventure, celebration
Allies Jarmila
Enemies The Faceless One, Lord Shadow
Cevahir - War/Strategy
Domains strength, war, knowledge, repose
Allies none
Enemies none
Khyron - Storms/Destruction
Domains chaos, destruction, fire, suffering
Allies Nilith
Enemies Seija, Nimnavanon, Kreysneothosies
Seija - Elements/Balance
Domains air, cold, earth, fire
Allies Nimnavanon
Enemies Khyron
Kismet - Magic/Knowledge
Domains fate, knowledge, magic, protection
Allies none
Enemies none
Lysara - Death/Fate
lysara.jpg Domains fate, moon, repose, travel
Allies Kreysneothosies, Jarmila
Enemies Nilith, Lord Shadow
Nimnavanon - Forests/Weather
nim.jpg Domains animal, earth, plant, renewal
Allies Seija
Enemies Nilith, khyron
Lord Shadow - Darkness/Tyranny
Domains cold, darkness, evil, law
Allies none
Enemies Jarmila, Callamir, Lysara
Nilith - Undeath/War
nilith.jpg Domains chaos, destruction, evil, undeath
Allies khyron
Enemies Lysara, Kreysneothosies, Jarmila, Nimnavanon
The Faceless One - Murder/Deception
faceless.jpg Domains darkness, evil, illusion, suffering
Allies none
Enemies Jarmila, Callamir, Kreysneothosies

Demipowers (Lesser Deities)

Ebolek - Plague/Infestation
Domains plague, evil
Allies The Faceless One
Enemies Jarmila, Nimnavanon, Lysara
Eucalia - Serenity/Forests
Domains plant, renewal
Allies Nimnavanon, Callamir, Edea
Enemies Khyron, Lord Shadow, Nilith
Mephasm - Tyranny/Contracts
Domains evil, law
Allies Lord Shadow, Seija
Enemies Jarmila, Callamir, Khyron, Nimnavanon,
Velik - Revolution/Freedom
Domains freedom, chaos
Allies Callamir, Khyron
Enemies Kreysneothosies, Lord Shadow


The following primordial entities exist beyond space and time. From the endless void, two forces arose. The two sisters, dating from before the creation of the world, are diametrically opposed. They serve as the wellsprings for all divine power within the world of Sundering Shadows.

Edea - Good/Light
Domains good, renewal, protection, creation
Allies none
Enemies Ashra
Ashra - Evil/Darkness
Domains nightmare, charm, darkness, evil
Allies none
Enemies Edea

Keep in mind that this pantheon is quite new, and many of these gods are younger even than many mortals. Many of them trace their origin to the Silence, which occurred in 737 SG. In the wake of the Silence, many of the gods have been busy staking their claims or squabbling amongst themselves as they fight for domains or survival, and the pantheon is still in flux. Mortals in the world are still getting to know these new deities and what their desires are. This is your chance, as a player, to push the narrative forward on the deity of your choice. Older players are almost as new to these deities as new players are!

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