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Demipower of the Void
She Who Drinks of the World

Domain: vice, social disorder, moral decay, hedonism
Symbol: an alluring feminine eye, encircled by a serpent devouring its tail
Sacred Items/Creatures: strong spirits, tobacco, serpents
Resonance: Dark
Spell domains: chaos, hedonism, void
Allies: The Faceless One, Khyron
Enemies: Jarmila, Kreysneothosies


Like many denizens of the Void, Cacia is drawn to the light of the Radiance in an instinctual need to snuff and devour it. Sources of darkness that dim those beacons can be weaknesses to exploit, and one such location revealed itself to Cacia when a large group of lycanthropes appeared north of the Yniam Plains, their essence bound to the energies of the Void. Reaching out, she found compatible minds open to her influence that slowly yielded to her whispered promises. The truth of the matter is known only to a very few, and the clergy instead present her as a deity of hedonistic pursuits, here to sanctify their indulgences.

Regards to Undead

The faithful do not care about undead one way or another. They are tools that can be used as needed.

Regards to Outsiders

The faithful detest celestials and other beings of the Radiance.


Slender black robes with large gashes in the fabric, allowing the faithful's body to show in tantalizing and seductive flashes.


The void will consume all in the end, thus the wise know to take all they want while they can. Indulge in the experiences of the world, challenge the taboo, and disregard the morals of civil society for they are only intended to oppress and suppress. Entice others to satiate their own vices often, laying the world open to Cacia.


Cacia accepts followers of dark and twilight resonances, but only bestows her divine powers upon those of the dark.

Note: Cacia is a demigod/lesser deity that has not formally established himself amongst the pantheon. There may or may not be temples or even widespread knowledge of his existence.

Faith-based groups

  • The Silken Society: One of the few secretive sects of Cacia, those dedicated to the Society seek seats of importance on local councils where they can assure a city's governing body remains open to Cacia's influence, creating, directing, and enforcing laws as needed. These crafty men and women infiltrate all levels of society, slowly introducing their neighbors to greater temptations. A common tactic of the Society is to discern the darker proclivities of civic leaders and encourage them to indulge, and thus indebt them to Cacia.
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