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Elemental Reaver, Bringer of Storms, The Tempest, The Ravager

Domain: natural destruction, storms, unbridled energy
Symbol: a shattered silver scimitar with shards shaped like lightning bolts
Sacred Items/Creatures: lightning glass, driftwood, obsidian, pumice, fire salamander, leviathan, the tarrasque
Resonance: Dark
Spell domains: chaos, destruction, fire, storms, evil
Allies: Nilith
Enemies: Seija, Nimnavanon, Kreysneothosies


The force known as Khyron was created in 751 SG and embodies the destructive forces of nature and the storms that prey upon the earth. It is said that when Seija tamed the elemental storm that had wreaked havoc upon the material plane for many months, Ashra struck the newly formed Goddess with a bolt of dark energy. The bolt split Seija into two parts, bringing Khyron into existence. His followers will claim he is the stronger of the two, of course. This malevolent force appeared as a tendril of flame above Tharis forest, where it vowed to rain destruction down on Seija and those who followed her. He then retreated to gather his worshippers and master the storms, so that he may use them to sow further chaos.

Regards to Undead

Undead are neither revered nor reviled among the faithful of Khyron, who use the tools they have to unleash destruction upon the land.

Regards to Outsiders

Devils, Devas and other lawful or good outsiders are detested by the faithful. Demons and evil fey outsiders are greatly revered.


Servants of Khyron favor shades of black and gray that highlight the brilliant reds, yellows, and ice blues they use to accentuate their clothing. Their priestly vestments are shredded, the ends singed in their riotous ceremonies that occur around bonfires held on the darkest night, when the light of their true god shines brighter than even the moon. The vestments change throughout a priest's life, with a new strip of colored fabric added for each storm or instance of destruction the priest causes - red for fire, yellow for lightning, white for ice, and cyan for wind.


Let the world burn and the seas roil with the fury of the Ravager. Strike out like lightning, leaving mortals quivering in fear of Khyron's wrath. Chaos and destruction go hand in hand, and true power comes from harnessing the raw energy of the storm. Never act out against Khyron, for to defy him is to meet your final end, but do not hesitate to demonstrate his might against those who question it. Burn them, freeze them, drown them in the depths of the sea, and give all glory to the Elemental Reaver.


Khyron accepts followers of dark and twilight resonances, but only bestows his divine powers upon those of the dark.

Faith-based groups

  • The Cleansing Flame: A rather large sect who believes that fire is the most powerful and important of the natural elements and that it should be used to cleanse and purify people. While many subsects run about determining exactly how and what it means to purify someone, the common thread for all of them is their disdain for Winter's Teeth. The sect claims that it was their purification of an artifact known as the Heart of Fire that lead to Khyron's blessed creation at the hands of Ashra.
  • The Devoted: This core group operates in the open to topple Seija and take the power that rightfully belongs to Khyron. Their often haggard appearance has earned them the nickname Fleas, but they wear even this name with pride, bellowing to anyone who will listen about how the lowly flea can bring about the destruction of the most noble lion.
  • The Stormbringers: Adventurers and navigators by trade, Stormbringers are often hired by captains crossing the wide sea. They use their gifts from Khyron to predict and direct storms, bringing their cargo and passengers to safety - for a price. This often includes listening to tales of the Ravager's glory and a percentage of the goods going directly into the church's coffers. Some coastal cities employ Stormbringers in much the same way, though they are not known for their discretion and sometimes find themselves ousted, thanks to angry townsfolk.
  • The Blade of the Tempest: This collective led by rangers and bards are dedicating to spreading word of their lord. They roam the lands, ravaging and pillaging, burning large swathes of forests and fields. Only when the locals erect shrines to Khyron and pray for his protection do they move on to their next target.
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