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Nim, Nim'Navanon

The Black Wolf, Keeper of the Wild Places

Domain: plants, animals, nature, forest, seasons
Symbol: a wolf's pawprint upon a circle of grass
Sacred Items/Creatures: amber, jade, wood, copper, bone, wolves, all wild and fey creatures, ivy, wildflowers
Resonance: Twilight
Spell domains: animal, earth, plant, renewal, balance
Allies: Seija
Enemies: Nilith, Khyron


nim.jpg Nim'navanon was known to have been a servant of the nature for several centuries, and a druid of high respect within the faith circles. He was known to walk often within the forests of Deku and Tharis, guarding the hidden pathways and encouraging the balance to thrive. During the Silence, he was called upon along with several others of the faith to deal with the threat of the Beastlord, who rampaged across the realm and put many of the wild defenders to tooth and claw. In desperation, Nim'navanon sought the aid of a tempussian warrior and his allies, and together with them the beast was finally put down. Seeking to restore lordship of the wilds to his patron, he was instead tasked with becoming the new guardian of the forests, as the old gods withdrew for the last time from the realm.

Regards to Undead

The faith of the Black Wolf see the undead as an affront to the natural state of the wilderness, and thereby seek to destroy them wherever they are found.

Regards to Outsiders

While not detested, the faith largely sees outsiders as an unnatural influence and meets them with a general lack of trust.


Few stipulations are given to the clergy on daily dress, and preference is usually given to serviceable and practical garments. For official ceremonies, leaf-patterned cloaks of all shades are favored. The leader or voice of any gathering is given to carry the Spire of the Woodlands, a carven spear symbolizing their authority in such matters.


Strive to live in harmony with the wilds, for we are each part of the eternal cycle. Seek to perceive the greater balance in all things, and do not fear the forces of nature, for where destruction, decay and death clear a passage, life springs forth anew. Intervene where you must, whether it be to cull or to plant anew. Work actively against those who would disturb the natural order, and teach the ways of the wilderness to any who will listen. Though civilizations may rise and fall, in the end nature will always reclaim its own.


Nim'Navanon accepts followers of all resonances, but only bestows his divine powers upon those of the twilight.

Faith-based groups

  • The Pack: A gathering of druidic followers tasked with protecting and revitalizing the wilds, encouraged both to plant and to cull in whatever manner is needed to maintain balance.
  • Verdant Guides: A group composed primarily of rangers, who engage with settlements and cities to ensure that the wilderness is respected. They work to limit logging, and to put down major predators that serve as a threat to nearby towns. They can be often found as escorts for travelers and caravans in heavily forested areas.
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