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Lady of Bones, The Pallid Lover

Domains: thievery, war, pillaging, plunder, greed, undeath, undead
Symbol: golden skeletal wings on a black triangle
Sacred Items/Creatures: gold, intelligent undead, vultures, ravens, bloodstone, hyenas, red agate
Alignment: CE
Spell Domains: chaos, destruction, evil, undeath
Allies: None
Enemies: Lysara, Kreysneothosies, Jarmila, Nimnavanon


nilith.jpg As a mortal, Nilith was a powerful tiefling general of Graez long departed from the word of history. Her army once marauded through the island, pillaging and plundering all of the wealth it could find. After many years of this, when the citizens thought it would never end, they vanished without a trace, leaving only destruction and death behind. Nilith reappeared in 742 SG as a whisper, her shining black platemail replaced by long dark robes, and her pitch-black skin adorned with gold paint. Her undead armies ravaged the land, a distraction as she murdered Varda and assumed the mantle of the god of war.

Regards to Undead

This group makes heavy use of undead, as it is seen as giving adoration and praise to their lady.


The clergy differ wildly in their dress from stunning opulence to simple black garments embroidered with bones as a testament to their faith. Followers generally adorn themselves in extravagent silks, gold, silver, and the finer things that they have earned (or stolen) for themselves. However, some followers choose to wear simple, plain garments. As many people see undead as abominations, some followers choose to hide their faith from the general populace.


Seek immortal undeath at all costs. Mortals are born to serve the unliving gods of this realm, and the elite are destined to become them. Trample all who stand in your way. Ravage the lands and take all you desire. Avoid the path of light, for the eternal shadow of undeath is your only prize. Seek to undo the lives of others upon the battlefield, for every fallen foe is a step on the path to your eternal stride in the world of undeath.

Faith-Based Groups

  • The Risen: This is a cabal of necromancers and powerful magic users seeking to rise to the ranks of intelligent undead. This sect is also rumored to be the protectors of phylacteries of powerful liches.
  • The Ravenous: This sect is comprised of the greedy, the war-mongers, the thieves, and the scourge of society. They seek nothing but the expansion of their power and the power of their lady.
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