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Lady Graymantle, the Triple Goddess, She who Sees Beyond

Domain: time, mystery, seers, tides, death, fate, peace
Symbol: three interlocked rings one each of white, gray and black
Sacred Items/Creatures: moonstones, silver, ivory, ebony, jade, owls, ravens, scarabs, lilies
Alignment: TN
Spell domains: fate, moon, repose, travel
Allies: Kreysneothosies, Jarmila
Enemies: Nilith, Lord Shadow


lysara.jpg Lysara Del'Marris was raised from childhood within the church, a somber young woman who seemed uncommonly suited to the faith and its duties. Known for her steady hand and unwavering will, she rose through the ranks to eventually gain status as their high priestess. She led the church for almost two decades before the Silence of 737SG, during which she supported her then-mortal Lord directly and ensured the defense of several others. She stood witness to the last breath of her own patron, as well as that of Selune, and was entrusted by each to maintain their legacy, along with smaller tokens of faith from those she had given protection and guidance. The very last of the new pantheon to rise, her ascent saw a restoration of relative peace across the realm.

Regards to Undead

Undead are viewed by Lysara's faithful as an aberration within the natural turnings of life and death. Her church actively seek out such creatures and end their unrest, to grant them final repose.


Priestly vestments worn both for ceremony and for daily use are uniformly gray in color, in tribute to their Lady. For official ceremonies, a half-mask is worn by clergy to symbolise the veil of death and mystery, each in a color to signify rank white for acolytes, gray for full priests, and black for senior priests.


Even as the moon waxes and wanes and the tides turn, so is life a constant cycle of change and growth, death and renewal. While the mysteries of life are to be enjoyed and puzzled over, understand that some answers do not come in this form or this world. Do not fear death, for it is a natural part of life, and each of us has our time to be called. Honor your elders and your ancestors, for their strivings have brought the realm to where it is now, and their lessons have something to teach us all. Find and follow your own path, and aid others in seeking theirs. The cycles of life are mirrored by the cycles of fate, so be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

Faith-based groups

  • Gray Guides: Those of the clergy who dedicate their efforts to the rituals of death, seeing to the terminally ill, and carrying out funerals where they are required. While generally seen as non-combatants, all are trained in the particulars of undeath, and thereby serve to carry out exorcisms and blessings where malign spirits may be known to linger.
  • The Mistwalkers: A collection of oracles and seers devoted to the mysteries of the realm and the sight of what has been, and what is yet to come. They are readily welcomed into most towns, and are usually food and lodgings in exchange for their predictions of what may befall the settlement in future.
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