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Crimson Templar

Requirements:20 Levels in your base class
Kreysneothosies, Edea, or Jarmila follower
10 Points Spent in Stealth
Light Resonance
Class Feats:L1: fiendish studies
L4: heavenly fire
L7: banishing blade

The Crimson Templars are the last line of defense against the ever-encroaching darkness. Drenched in the crimson hue of sacrifice, they are tasked to be the warrior that stands their ground when others flee, to be the blade that strikes when others falter, to be the torch that braves the darkest crevices of the world and beats back the night. They understand that mercy is a costly virtue, a gift to be bestowed only upon souls capable of redemption. It is a lesson they must learn well, for in the sacred halls of the Crimson Templars they are trained to face the heartless legions of the Abyss and Hell. The path of blood is often a thankless one, as many of their allies question their ruthless resolve and extreme views and see them as teetering on the edge of corruption. As violence begets violence, the path is also a treacherous one, and these heavenly assassins must guard themselves well against the allure of darkness.


Faith is at the very center of the Crimson Templars, it is the beacon that tethers them to the light, and the fire that fuels their resolve. While all templars share a common set of principles, they are also expected to uphold the charge of their deity. This may cause some friction between the groups, but they are trained to look past these differences and unite as one when duty calls. To guard themselves from corruption, a Crimson Templar finds ways to center themselves and connect with their faith, be it through consultations, meditation, prayers, or rituals.

Dogma and Principles

A Crimson Templar is tasked with upholding the charge of their god and adhere to the following principles:

  • Embrace the Light: The Light is our eternal guide and through our actions, we shall illuminate the world.
  • Banish the Shadows: Strike down darkness relentlessly and cleanse the world with righteous fury.
  • Guardians of Innocence: Shield the innocent and vulnerable from the taint of corruption and safeguard the purity of those we are sworn to defend.
  • Purify Through Righteousness: We purify the world through acts of righteousness and virtue. Bestow mercy only upon those capable of redemption and guide them towards salvation.
  • Unity in Diversity: We recognize that the Light transcends religious boundaries and unifies us in our shared purpose.
  • Perseverance in the Face of Adversity: We are the blade that strikes when others falter, the torch that beats back the night. Our unwavering resolve is a testament to the indomitable power of the Light.


The Crimson Templars were formed in the wake of the Long Night and dedicated themselves to ensuring that such a calamity would never threaten the world again. Taking inspiration from the Deva Mal’Kor, Holy Phoenix of Jarmila, the Crimson Templars fight all threats to the world, both within and without. The most experienced among them are veterans of the Long Night, and originally consisted only of followers of Jarmila and Kreysneothosies. Once the Celestial Light imbued her followers with power and the faith of Edea fully established itself, the Crimson Templars have extended to include them. It may be possible for an individual of a different light-aligned faith to be accepted into their ranks, but it would require said individual to prove themselves first.

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