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Crimson Templar

Requirements:Level 20
Kreysneothosies, Edea, or Jarmila follower
10 Points Spent in Stealth
Light Resonance
Class Feats:L1: fiendish studies
L4: heavenly fire
L7: banishing blade

Even the most devout followers of good can recognize the need for ruthlessness when opposing true evil. The crimson templars are taught that mercy is a virtue reserved for only those capable of accepting redemption.

They must learn this lesson well, for they are trained to face the heartless legions of the Abyss and Hell. These women and men are heavenly assassins, and they tread a bloody path so the oaths of others remain untarnished. Their mission is a thankless one, as righteous allies often view them as just a step away from corruption.

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