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Lady of Elemental Balance, Master of the Elements, She Who Balances the World

Domain: earth, air, fire, water
Symbol: a teadrop crystal bounding the elements
Sacred Items/Creatures: Elemental creatures, elemental genasi, natural gemstones and metals, scales
Resonance: Twilight
Spell domains: air, water, earth, fire, balance
Allies: Nimnavanon
Enemies: Khyron


Seija was formed in 751 SG, born from the united power of earth, wind, fire and air, and represents the elements in perfect balance. Her followers claim balance to be the natural state of the elements, and regards Seija as a symbol of a world finally set right. When the world was threatened by a terrible storm and eternal night, the artifacts known as the Elemental Hearts were brought together in an attempt to tame the storm and awaken Edea, Celestial Light. The attempt was successful and when these hearts merged at last, after several millennia of hostility, they finally found peace and appeared above Tharis forest as a vaguely humanoid figure in monk-like garments. Only moments later, a bolt of darkness struck Seija and split her in two, thus creating the malevolent force known as Khyron. After vowing to protect the world from Khyron, Seija retreated to recover and to gather her followers in defense of the world and the elemental balance upon which it depends.

Regards to Undead

The faith abhors undead. Any follower caught using such would be bashed, hunted and mocked for abusing nature and abandoning their trust in elemental magic and power.

Regards to Outsiders

Outsiders are seen as a threat to balance and so are generally disliked or met with limited trust. Demons are detested.


There are no stipulations for garments within Seija's temple, though most faithful wear teardrop-shaped jewelry in honor of Seija. The priests often clothe themselves in clothes that represent their favored element, such as blue for air or cold and yellow for fire or earth. Rangers often favor long bows if they are not using scimitars to show honor towards Seija.


Seek balance in all things. The passion of fire, adventurousness of air, diplomacy of water, and conservatism of earth complement and balance one another. The sun, moon, tides, and turning of the earth reveal the harmony of all things. Revel in the natural elements, and teach all who would listen that the elements are natural allies rather than enemies.


Seija accepts followers of all resonances, but only bestows her divine powers upon those of the twilight.

Faith-based groups

  • Primordial Covenant: Once a small sect working in secret, they are now the most powerful force among Seija's clergy. Like Seija herself, members of this group believe that the elemental powers work together and not against each other. These individuals stepped forward to tend her temple and spread their message. When Khyron broke free from Seija, many viewed it almost as an exorcism and feel that now their deity can tend to the elements and keep them in balance as they should be.
  • The Flock: This sect consists of rangers, druids and nomads of other professions, whose common goal is to defend the world from destructive forces and uphold the balance Seija represents. Many travel through villages beset by storms and protect them in the name of Seija. Others keep to the wilds, tending to the natural world. While more devoted individualists than an actual group, they often unite against the worshippers of Khyron and other destructive forces.
  • The Elemental Hand: A congregation of monks and warriors dedicated to the pursuit of balance and perfection, in the world and within themselves. They dedicate much of their time to meditation and self-improvement, believing that one must first balance the triangle of ones inner self, before one can hope to balance the world. They are often called upon by the Church to act as guardians and defenders of Seija's interests.
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