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The Celestial Light, the Primordial Good, the Protector of Civilization, She Who Brings Justice

Symbol: A flawless white mask of a beautiful female face, radiating blazing light
Sacred Items/Creatures: pearls, diamonds, creatures of light, angels
Alignment: good
Spell domains: based on conduit deity
Conduit Deities: Jarmila, Callamir, Kreysneothosies
Enemies: Enemies of conduit deities, Ashra


In the beginning there was the Celestial Light and her sister the Primordial Darkness. Many are the stories of the reasons that these two entities came to blows but what is known for certain is that their conflict tore the universe and themselves asunder and from the shards of these primordial beings were born the gods as we know them and the universe as we know it. Through the eons the fragments of these beings have continued their battle and as they fell and were absorbed by those that survived or inherited by lesser beings, they became more and more whole. Now that the Gods power has become more concentrated than ever before the slumbering Light has stirred. Drawing power from the lesser beings that have inherited Her essence she has taken form once more and her inspiring presence calls out to all whose hearts are touched by her light to take up Her cause and usher the world into the embrace of the Eternal Dawn.

Regards to Undead

The undead are perversions of the natural order and thus are hunted by the disciples of Edea in the war against the servants of the dark.


The clergy of Edea are a diverse lot and so too are their vestments. Universally they favor light colors with white typically dominant however highlight and accent colors run the gamut and are as varied as the faithful themselves.


The light of Edea grows and soon shall purge this world of all darkness. Her essence is within us all as we are all born of Her. Only those who embrace this truth can rise above their fear to become one of Her true children. Heed Her gentle whispers for all She asks is that you embrace your inner light and become a manifestation of holy power. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. Seek always to aid others so that they will be inspired to do the same; thus the kindess of Edea grows. Stand fast against the creeping corruption, for you are the flame and you shall know no fear.

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