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Quickfingers, the Trickster, the White Rabbit

Domain: freedom, bravery, wine, ale, adventure, celebration
Symbol: a white rabbit running across an azure backdrop
Sacred Items/Creatures: rabbits, bars, inns, breweries
Favored Weapon: rapier
Resonance: Light
Spell domains: trickery, charm, good, travel, freedom
Allies: Jarmila
Enemies: The Faceless One, Lord Shadow


Given to a mischievous nature ever since his youth, Callamir grew up among the halflings of the Shadow meadows. He was regularly in trouble for his pranks and his light fingers, at first at home, and later right across the realm as he took up a life of travelling and constant motion. He spent his years advocating for freedom and fighting oppressors of the less fortunate. During the Silence of 737SG, his opportunistic nature came to the fore after it seems sheer good fortune crossed his path with a lost relic. Gathering others to aid him, he nearly met a short end on crossing several powerful wizards, but a spot of luck allowed him to turn the tables on them, redirecting their magical strength to aid him in his ascent to divinity.

Regards to Undead

The faithful of the Trickster abhor the undead, as they represent servitude over freedom.

Regards to Outsiders

The faithful of the Trickster abhor devils and demons, though they tolerate fiend blooded humans such as tieflings. Fey outsiders are revered, and fey blooded are generally accepted. Devas and other good-aligned celestials are revered.


Formal attire for priests of Callamir is a paired long-sleeved azure shirt and pants, trimmed with silver patterning at sleeve and ankle, the more detailed the better. Amulets crafted to look like rabbit's feet are favored not only by the priesthood, but also by lay followers.


Be bold, and live each day to its fullest. Be flexible, for each day will bring new and unknown challenges. Be your own master, so that none may turn you away from your true destiny. Trust to your own skill, and with a touch of luck you can achieve almost anything. Do not fear taking chances; beyond a calculated risk is always the potential for a greater reward. Strive always towards and fight for freedom, for yourself and for others.


Callamir accepts followers of light and twilight resonances, but only bestows his divine powers upon those of the light.

Faith-based groups

  • The Sparrows: A group of thieves and informants that work for the temple, keeping track of affairs and secrets realm-wide to try and oppose dark forces and further the faith's own goals.
  • The Trailblazers: The largest official group within the faith, who offer their services as guides and caravan guards. They try to encourage wanderlust in those they meet, working to show the beauty and freedom of the open road.
  • Trueflight Pinions: Masters of archery who seek to further their craft beyond all else. While they will often work in defense of the faith and its followers, their true calling is to perfect their skill with bow and arrow.
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