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The Primordial Dark, Mother of All Monsters, The Umbral Temptress, Mistress of Nightmares

Symbol: A cracked white mask of a beautiful female face, leaking a black ichor
Sacred Items/Creatures: jet, ivory, creatures of darkness, ravens, serpents
Resonance: Dark
Spell domains: nightmare, charm, darkness, evil, void
Allied Deities: Lord Shadow, The Faceless One, Nilith, Khyron
Enemies: Edea


In the beginning there was the Primordial Darkness and her sister the Celestial Light. Many are the stories of the reasons that these two entities came to blows but what is known for certain is that their conflict tore the universe and themselves asunder and from the shards of these primordial beings were born the gods as we know them and the universe as we know it. Through the eons the fragments of these beings have continued their battle and as they fell and were absorbed by those that survived or inherited by lesser beings, they became more and more whole. Now that the Gods power has become more concentrated than ever before the slumbering Darkness has stirred. Drawing power from the lesser beings that have inherited Her essence she has taken form once more and her insidious presence calls out to all whose hearts are touched by her darkness to take up Her cause and usher the world into the embrace of the Eternal Night.


Ashra, as a primordial, is a true force of darkness, nightmare, and evil. As such, she relates little to the plight of mortals. However, unlike Edea, there are documented instances of people encountering Her through various means. It is said Ashra's slightest presence is enough to corrupt all but the most ardent of heroes. In the years leading up to her awakening in 750 SG, an idol tainted with the primordial's essence was presented to several heroes of the light, some of whom became enthralled by the visions and temptations it visited upon them. Her Herald, Balur Black, has spoken on occasion about the dream that first prompted him to seek Ashra out. Ashra is said to innately know ones fears, desires, and distastes and how to best manipulate those feelings to be used against oneself in the form of vicious visions and terrifying nightmares. Several heroes have entered her realm and by all accounts, she was able to use their own minds against them, some reporting they were trapped in warped versions of their own memories. It seems that Ashra feeds off the raw emotion she evokes in those touched by her. There is no doubt that, if left unchecked by Edea, Ashra's influence would cause the complete and utter corruption, decay and destruction of the world.

Regards to Mortals

Ashra does not generally interact with mortals directly. Some mortals might be influenced through nightmares or feelings by being in close proximity to places where she exists the strongest. She exists mainly as an influential force that can bend mortals towards an idea, rather than directing them specifically.

Regards to Undead

The undead are perversions of the natural order and thus are favored by the disciples of Ashra in the war against the servants of the light. Some of her servants even aspire to join the ranks of the intelligent undead in order to fully corrupt their mortal vessels and become closer to the Goddess.

Regards to Outsiders

The faithful detest devas, good-aligned celestials, and good-aligned fey. They revere demons, devils, shadow creatures and shades. Good-aligned celestials or celestial-blooded mortals may be targeted and seduced to a darker purpose.


The clergy of Ashra are a diverse lot and so too are their vestments. Universally they favor dark colors with black typically dominant however highlight and accent colors run the gamut and are as varied as the faithful themselves. The garments range from conservative, concealing robes to rich, decadent garb and salacious attire. Female clergy often favor masks in the likeness of their holy symbols, presenting the image of being one with their primordial matron.


The darkness of Ashra grows and soon shall cloak this world in eternal night. Her essence is within us all as we are all born of Her. Only those who embrace this truth can rise above their fear to become one of Her true children. Heed Her sweet whispers for all She asks is that you embrace your most forbidden desires and become a manifestation of Her great nightmare. Darkness begets darkness and so as you spread terror and suffering others shall turn to Her in their hatred and grief and be liberated from their own shackles. Seek always to satisfy your desires so that others can look upon your pleasure and know the rewards that await those who succumb to Ashra's embrace. Make your supplications to Her in flesh and blood for Her hunger is limitless and only those with the strength to act on their desires are worthy to serve Her.

Primordial Favor: As the epitome of darkness, Ashra will only grant her favor to those who represent her ideals. Any follower of Ashra, regardless of race and class, must be of a dark resonance.

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