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The Faceless One


Master of Secrets, the Voice of Maddening Whispers

Domain: assassinations, deception, drow, dusk, illusion, lies, murder, strife, underdark
Symbol: a gray cloak marked with blood-red teardrops
Sacred Items/Creatures: smoky quartz, platinum, bats, spiders, scorpions, violets
Resonance: Dark
Spell domains: darkness, evil, illusion, madness, suffering
Allies: None
Enemies: Jarmila, Callamir, Kreysneothosies, Kismet


faceless.jpg Unlike the rest of the pantheon, while countless stories abound concerning the race, gender and origins of the Faceless One, they become impossible to verify beyond mere hearsay. Some, most likely ex-faithful of the Dark Sun, claim that he is the god of madness, raised to even greater strength than his prior incarnation through the murder of his enemies. Others voice a tale of a bitter crone, whose whispers stirred the greatest of the god's of madness servants to spill his blood upon the unhallowed grounds of his temple. Yet more, that she was a stunning harlot of half-elven blood, who seduced Mask himself only to steal from him the very relics of his divinity. Most drowkind believe him to be an assassin of their own lineage, sly enough to twist the surfacers activities to his own ends. Whatever the case, the true nature of the Faceless One remains shrouded in potential deceptions and lies even to this day…

Regards to Undead

Undead are regularly called upon by the faithful, seen as one of numerous means to their desired ends.

Regards to Outsiders

The faithful see all outsiders as an opportunity, but they generally despise good-aligned celestials, deva, and devils. They revere shadow creatures and demons.


No vestments are designated for the church of the Faceless One, save for plain hooded gray cloaks that are worn over all garments in any formal gatherings.


The world and all its treasures are open for the taking, for those of quick wit and subtle hands. Do not be bound by the petty rules and standards of 'civilization', for in the end they are merely illusions, a veneer of order to hide the true chaos that lies in every heart. A deception can be as sharp a tool as a blade, and each has its uses. Learn to blur the lines between truth and fiction, so that others may not perceive the difference; honesty is for fools, but apparent honesty is valuable indeed. Force becomes unnecessary when others can be manipulated into action, or to thinking a decision is of their own free will. Trust in the shadows, for the bright way makes for easy targets.


The Faceless One accepts followers of dark and twilight resonances, but only bestows his divine powers upon those of the dark.

Faith-based groups

  • The Whispers: An alliance of particularly wealthy nobility, who actively attempt to turn the workings of various political systems to their own benefit, and that of the faithful. Rarely are they revealed, and certainly such public acknowledgement usually results in a shortened lifespan.
  • Cabal of the Dark Prince: A sect dedicated to the charge of the immortal known as Durias, only small in number but known to be utterly merciless. Their dark rituals are whispered of with fear within civilized circles.
  • The One Truth: A recently uncovered cult, The One Truth has been found to have infiltrated almost every major city, from the lowest levels to the top. This cult is dedicated to the advancement and eventual supremacy of humankind over all other races. It's said their leader was a being called a Puppeteer, a being from the Plane of Shadows that takes its victims' bodies for its own use.
  • The New Dawn: A relative newcomer to the scene, the New Dawn is said to believe in unrest and revolution, futhering its causes by sparking the fires of civil wars and using the resultant chaos as a ladder to greater power. Some say that this cult cares for little other than the disruption of normal life, revolution, all leading to chaos and war.
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