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Mother of Knowledge, the Iridescent Inspiration

Domain: magic & the weave, knowledge, enlightenment, lore, inspiration, arts, crafts, trade
Symbol: a scroll and a quill crossing
Sacred Items/Creatures: peridots, diamonds, crystal, songbirds, ferns, irises
Resonance: Twilight
Spell domains: fate, knowledge, magic, protection
Allies: None
Enemies: The Faceless One


Kismet is said to have been the Lady of Magic since time forgotten. During the Sundering, she was trapped in stasis within the ShadowGate upon its activation and was believed to have died, with mere mortal taking up her portfolio. The rediscovery of the ShadowGate in 737SG led to her release and the Gate's activation, casting the old pantheon down from divinity. Retaining most of her powers due to activating the Gate herself, she maintained the stability of the weave and the fugue throughout the resulting chaos. She restored her claim to her domains of old, and ascended back to her status as guardian of knowledge and magic thereafter.

Regards to Undead

No official stance upon undead and its use, or prohibition thereof, is given by the faith. Given that all knowledge and magic are part of Kismet's domain, undead are certainly considered acceptable by many within her church.

Regards to Outsiders

Followers are largely indifferent to outsiders, unless they pose a threat to the weave.


Ceremonial dress for the clergy of Kismet are robes of white, trimmed in the color appropriate to the priest's rank within the church. The lowest are trimmed in green, ranging upwards through yellow, orange, crimson, indigo and azure, the last of which is only worn by the church council.


Respect the weave above all things. The weave is simply an extension of your art, just as a paintbrush is to a painter, or clay to a sculptor. The weave is neither kind nor cruel, good nor evil. Accept the weave for what it is. All who seek this power shall be accepted under my wing. Seek knowledge, improve your arts, and serve the weave as an extension of me. Seek knowledge wherever you go and from all you meet. All knowledge, even the seemingly insignificant, is of great value. Destroy those who seek to ravage the world and disrupt the weave.


Kismet accepts followers of all resonances, but only bestows her divine powers upon those of the twilight.

Faith-based groups

  • The Binders: A collection of magi, bards, and other record-keepers who tirelessly work to collect lore and history in all of its forms, and to ensure that such knowledge is made readily available to the people of the realms.
  • Keepers of the Art: The most accomplished arcanists within the faith gather to ensure the protection and evolution of magic in all of its forms. Many serve as teachers for young magi and sorcerers that show promise.
  • The Enlightened: Psionic spellcasters who seek to both further their own insight, and encourage that of their fellows. They look to inspiration from Auppenser's life and teachings, holding him up as an example of their aspirations.
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