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Stat requirements: 15 intelligence
Resonances allowed: any
Hitdice: d6
Saving throws: will strong, fort/reflex weak
Class Skills: academics, dungeoneering, healing, spellcraft
Class FeatsL1: simple weapon proficiency, spell focus, magic school, scribe, arcane bond
L31: deep magic
Also: one bonus spellcraft feat at L1, and every five class levels thereafter

Mages are people who have devoted their lives to learning magic for the same reasons that motivate most people on a day-to-day basis: material gain, power, or merely the pure “fun” of the use of magic. Mages are highly protective of the “art” and guard their knowledge jealously. They spend years studying and will expect apprentices to do the same. They will also be very careful to ensure that magic doesn't fall into the “wrong” hands.

Mages are a pure caster class. They are quite complicated and are hard to master. They would benefit from magic feats. They will need the perfect caster feat to avoid harming their allies and summoned creatures with area-affecting spells.

The spellbook is the main instrument a mage uses. A mage can transcribe scrolls into their spellbook, and then prepare that spell to commit it into their memory. A mage can view already prepared spells with the recall mage spells command. When a mage uses cast, she expends the prepared spell. A mage can forget an already prepared spell to free a spell slot for another spell. Various abilities you learn, like scribe and enchant, can expand the amount of spells available for you to cast. They base their casting and slot bonuses on their intelligence stat.

A spellbook offers an additional interface to your spells. Refer to help spellbook when you hold one.

Mages are able to master one spell every two levels. Such spells are automatically added to their spellbook.

Mages must not wear any armor or wield any weapons while casting, but they can learn to cast in light armor.

Mages can select a school of dedication. Refer to help magic school for details.

Mages receive the following cantrips (type 'recall cantrip spells'): Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Ray of Frost, Resistance

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