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Schools of Magic

Although all wizard spells are learned and memorized the same way, they fall into nine differt schools of magic. A school of magic is a group of related spells.

School of magic gives mages a degree of specialization. Spells of that school become more potent, gaining a +1 bonus to caster level and spell DC. Spells of the opposing school have a -1 penalty to caster level and spell DC. These bonuses and penalties increase to +2/-2 once 31 mage class levels are reached.


These spells are a group of specialized protective spells. Each is used to prevent or banish some magical or nonmagical effect or creature. They are often used to provide safety in times of great danger or when attemping some other particularly dangerous spell.


These spells cause a change in the properties of some already existing thing, creature, or condition. This is accomplished by magical energy channeled through the wizard.


These spells bring something to the caster from elsewhere. Conjuration normally produces matter of items from some other place. Summoning enables the caster to compel living creatures and powers to appear in his presence or to chanel extraplaner energies through himself.


These spells cause a change in the quality of an item or the attitude of a person or creature. Enchantments can bestow magical properties on ordinary items, while charms can unduly influence the behavior of beings.

Greater divinations

These are more powerful than lesser divinations. These spells enable the wizard to learn secrets long forgotten, to predict the future, and to uncover things hidden or cloaked by spells


They deal with spells to deceive the senses or minds of others. Spells that cause people to see things that are not there, hear noises not made, or remember things that never happened are all illusions.


These spells channel magical energy to create specific effects and materials. Invocation normally relies on the intervention of some higher agency (to whom the spell is addressed), while evocation enables the caster to directly shape the energy.

Lesser divination

These spells are learnable by all wizards, regardless of their affiliation. This school includes the most basic and vital spells of the wizard-those he needs to practice other aspects of his craft. Lesser divinations include read magic and detect magic.


This school deals with dead things or the restoration of life, limbs, or vitality to living creatures. Given the risks of the adventuring world, necromantic spells are considered quite useful.

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