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The City of Azha

Government Type Military Theocracy
High Priest Jamal Ketamani (NPC)
Allies Antioch
Enemies Tharis, Tonovi
Est. Pop. 2,001 to 20,000
Tier: Tier 2

Once a crucial outpost of the Tsarven Empire, Azha has undergone a significant transformation into an independent city. Ruled by military governors aligned with the Church of Kreysneothosies, Azha has charted its own course, emphasizing self-reliance and strengthening ties with the local populace.

Economic Standing:
Azha's independence has led to a focus on local economic development. The city seeks to diversify its economic activities, reducing dependence on external trade. Efforts to improve relations with the local populace, particularly Tabor and Shadow, have included economic initiatives aimed at fostering prosperity and self-sufficiency.

Cultural Landscape:
The influence of the Church of Kreysneothosies has shaped the cultural identity of Azha. The city is recognized for its martial prowess, with the local contingent of the Blades of the Emperor playing a crucial role in recent events. The emphasis on self-defense and protection resonates with the populace, and loyalty to the Church contributes to a strong sense of unity.

Political Structure:
Military governors, aligned with the Church of Kreysneothosies, govern Azha. The city's leadership is centered on ensuring the protection of its people and fostering the growth of the Church's influence. Internal politics are characterized by a balance between military strength and the desire to engage with the local community.

While Azha has turned inward to solidify its independence, efforts are made to maintain diplomatic ties with neighboring regions. The city's role in recent events, such as combating the rising threat of Ashra and participating in the ritual to awaken Edea, has garnered respect and cautious interest from other factions within Tsarven.

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