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Aggressive City Interactions

Consider the below guidance before taking any actions though to ensure that you are ready for what repercussions may come as a result. Regardless of city tier always avatarmail if you make an attack on a city so that we know what is going on and can respond accordingly.

Tier 1 Cities

Tier 1 cities cannot be attacked, raided or conquered without imm involvement. These cities are super powers on a global scale employing hundreds of powerful spellcasters and thousands or even tens of thousands of troops. They can easily muster the necessary resources to quash any adventuring party that dares to treat them like a dragon encounter. If you enter a sustained conflict with a city of this tier without proper support and preparation, you will die.

Tier 1 cities include the following:

Tier 2 Cities

Tier 2 cities are large but not major powers. Extremely powerful adventurers can harass them with near impunity but may discover later that these cities have outside support that may come to their aid if things become too grim. You can engage these cities however you like but be mindful that severe consequences may follow.

Tier 2 cities include the following:

Tier 3 Cities

Tier 3 cities are typically nothing more than villages or inhabited ruins. In these places it is essentially the wild west, you can do what you want and if the npcs themselves cannot deal with you, you essentially have free reign. Player characters can declare ownership of these places or choose to defend them if they like but without player intervention these locations are less likely to be avenged or defended.

Tier 3 cities currently include the following:

Additional Information

Attacking any community brazenly will likely gain negative attention from someone and even if further down the road you may face unexpected consequences for your actions. Also player actions can affect the tier of a city and major events can shift their place. Do not assume any of these placements are static.

Starter Areas

Currently we are treating Tabor and Muul’daan as off limits for any forms of high level aggression and so they are not listed above though for rp purposes we would consider Tabor tier 2 and Muul’Daan tier 3. If this changes in the future they will be added to the above lists.

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