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The Den of Muul'daan

Location: western shadow region, just northeast of the meadowlands
Rulership: anarchy
Political ties: The only loosely friendly tie for this settlement is Juran. They are directly hostile with the halflings of the meadowlands, but hold no other strong hostilities, since they aren't perceived to be enough of a threat by the nearby cities of Shadow and Tabor.
Religious ties: No prominent faith holds sway. Most evil gods have varying followers among the inhabitants.
Est. Pop. Less than 200


The settlement is an offshoot of Juran - a few opportunistic beasts taking up residence in a western cavern of the echoes mountain-range. It is predominantly made up of goblins with a few other creatures thrown in (kobolds, ogres and hobgoblins). No orcs reside within (as they live west of the meadowlands in a camp of their own). There is no true leadership, short of the bigger creatures throwing their weight around to keep the smaller creatures such as the goblins and kobolds in line. Considered by most not to be worth the time to purge, they still serve as a thorn in the side of the halflings settled upon the nearby Meadowlands. Muul’daan has served as a lair for the less dangerous of the monstrous species, usually those unable to get a handhold within the fiercely contested ruins of Juran.

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