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Location: foot of the Charu mountains
Rulership: anarchy
Est. Pop. 2,001 to 20,000
Tier: Tier 2

Modern Juran exists within the ruins of the drow city Juran'xundessa, and for centuries has served as a naturally fortified home for various beast races across the mainland. Not quite so close or so aggressive to have tempted sufficient wrath of major settlements, it has grown to the point that nothing short of a massive war effort would purge the ruins.

Loose ties exist between small groups in Juran and nearby beast settlements (such as Muul'daan and Dragon Den's Caverns), as well as stronger ties with more organised clans further afield (such as the hobgoblin leadership of Systyquah). None of these are likely to serve as allies in a fight, though. Trade exists between some small Juranite groups and Tonovi for slaves and other valuable commodities.

The past two centuries have seen interest from a large drow force led by N'sykah, who has been orchestrating the construction of Darol'Dralych beneath Juran itself, using the ruins as a cover for their efforts below. While they are not acting in any official capacity as rulers of Juran, they maintain a close watch on the creatures of the area to ensure none compromise their eventual designs.

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