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Village of Systyquah

Location: Laerad
Rulership: tribal
Symbol: two spears crossed over a wooden shield, marked with a bloody clawed handprint
Est. Pop. Less than 200
Tier: Tier 3

Systyquah is one of the largest gatherings of beast-folk short of Juran itself, left to prosper in the few centuries since its separation from the mainland. The ancestors of its beastly citizens were originally led as invading armies during the Godswar, and were summarily cut off from return to their homes and lairs at the Sundering of 0SG. With Asgard lacking the strength to wipe them out, the village has grown within the south-eastern section of Parnelli to its modern state, led primarily by the cunning of its troll overlords. Lacking specific leadership or government, those 'in charge' of Systyquah at any given time are simply those with the strength and allies enough to force it upon the village's lesser denizens.

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