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Location: northwest of shadow, under Juran (which is now being used as a front)
Rulership: matriachal theocracy of the faceless
Rise: circa 630SG

Political ties

Darol'dralych currently holds no friendly political surface ties, although currents are moving to attempt an agreement with Tonovi. They are currently directly hostile with Kinaro, as the settlement is their only current opposition to control of this region of underdark.

Religious ties

Power is currently held by The Faceless visibly.


Darol'dralych has been set up by the remnant families of Juran'xundessa, following its fall in 0SG. They were clans lurking in caverns beneath their lost settlement, rallied and shaped to the cause by the ruthless hand of N'sykah Dau'viir, adopted daughter of the first house. She is a chosen priestess of The Faceless who is believed to have been sent to restore their former glory. It was established beneath their once homeland of Juran, which was left untouched to serve as a convenient front of “rabble” to keep the surfacers at bay. It is only a small city as far as drow settlements go, consisting of approximately 55 noble houses.

As a relatively new city, most of the Matrons are still restoring their balance of power and the dance between houses is still settling in the city itself (mostly imposed by their prior ranks of power in their original home, and those whose strength has not waned since). This means that so far, there have been few plays for house power (which should begin in ernest in a few decades, no doubt). This also causes the effect that the first two houses are both run by underlying power-players (N'sykah and Sszerin) rather than their obvious matrons.

A small force of Darol'dralych's army, led by N'sykah, were involved in the destruction of Daggerdale. This was mainly for it firstly serving as a good distraction (while they constructed their city on the other side of the realm, in the west), and to sever Kinaro's main ties to other cities (Daggerdale being its primary post of trade). They seek to undermine Kinaro, as the settlement serves as its main opposition in this region of underdark. However, they have yet to be able to overthrow the dwarven settlement, due to its heavy military reinforcements from Barak Morndin.

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