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Location: mountain range in southern Kilkaen Forest
Rulership: hereditary thanedom, follows the leadership of Barak Morndin
Political ties: Kinaro's primary trade agreements (read: Barak Morndin) existed with Daggerdale, until its destruction. Following this, they have kept a small handful of ties with some merchants who moved to Torm before the city fell, and maintain a strengthening trade here. They also have minor trade with Antioch. They hold a friendly stance with both of these cities.
They also hold a fairly friendly standing with the elves of the Daggerdale region (despite the occasional disagreement), as both factions tend to work towards a common goal of undermining Tonovi's hold on the region. They are also directly hostile with Darol'dralych, who would love to eradicate them, but currently don't hold enough power to do so.
Religious ties: While there used to be a strong following of Grumbar, and a lesser reverence of Tempus, since The Silence, the city has yet to determine any single deity to represent them.
Est. Pop. 20,001 to 50,000
Tier: Tier 2

Kinaro is a mining outpost of a much larger city of shield dwarves, Barak Morndin. The greater city itself resides in the north-eastern mountains beyond dagger region, predominantly underground, and inaccessable except by tunnels through the mountain. Kinaro is only one of several such outposts of the city, spread throughout the Dagger mountain range, but it is one of the rare few that resides above-ground. Mithril, electrum, iron, and other such ores, as well as many gems, are mined deep belowground in these other outposts.

Kinaro itself has been established now for several centuries, as one of the first outposts of Barak Morndin to be set up. Found in fair quantities in the various mines encircling kinaro are gold, silver, and copper, as well as malachite and azurite gemstones. In very minor quantities are also found platinum, palladium, arandur, opals, turquoise and diamonds. Kinaro is the only outpost that provides the highly-prized platinum and palladium to the city, and it is also the trade route used to access the human settlements south of the dagger mountains. The prime trade was until recently, through Daggerdale. It should be noted that Kinaro does not actually mine any mithril itself, as it is only found in deeper regions (Kinaro being a surface town). However, mithril is mined by several of the deeper settlements of Barak Morndin, and supplied to Kinaro by them. It's a common misconception of the human settlements nearby, however, that Kinaro does have its own mithril mines.

The town has been mostly undisturbed until several decades previous, when the lower levels of Kinaro's mines breached underdark proper. This was soon discovered by scouts of the nearby under-construction drow city of Darol'dralych, who thought to take advantage of the situation in a swift invasion to the surface, by way of Kinaro through to Daggerdale. Daggerdale was unprepared and razed to the ground, and Kinaro nearly so until reinforcements were sent from Barak Morndin. The city itself is now being rebuilt and greatly reinforced, as the dwarves have no wish to give up such valuable mines, and will not tolerate drow incursions.

Notable NPCs

Marna Brightstone

highest ranked grumbarryn priestess within the outpost. Officially serves as leader for the outpost itself and go-between with Barak Morndin. Unofficially, the real reason for her being sent (that some of the more canny dwarves are aware of) is to play “babysitter” to the Thane's young son, so he doesn't get into trouble.


An older dwarven woman, once a great warrior heroine of the town. Not a local, but came to Kinaro to settle down as she grew older. No longer fights, but sees in particular to much trade with outsiders.


The thane's young son, who has been hinted at to at least one PC, has been sent to learn to be a military commander. His father wants the boy to learn and has thus sent him to this (occasionally troubled) outpost. He is under the close watch of Marna.

Father Grimvein

Priest of the Almighty Moradin (Grumbar), Council Lord of Barak Morndin (Lurue): As shown by his title, Grimvein is a priest of Grumbar. He lives in Kinaro and tends to the church there at times. However, he also travels between Barak Morndin and Kinaro via his magical abilities. He has a pet earth elemental and sends it around like a messenger pigeon underground. So information can be passed to Barak Morndin fairly quickly. He has a small contingent of well armed guards who are f/c dwarves and are only called out when the city is under seige. Old and gnarled, your typical looking dwarf with a keen mind and a gentle paternal nature unless you threaten his city then he'll eat you for lunch. Or at least bring the mountain down upon your head.

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