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Barak Morndin


Location: northeast Dagger Mountains (north of Kinaro)
Rise: circa 6,550SG Leadership: hereditary thanedom

Political ties


Tonovi is known to have banned dwarves many years previous, and occasionally sells dwarven slaves. This has earned the enmity of Barak Morndin, and thus Kinaro, who refuse to offer any trade to them.


Darol'dralych initially attempted an invasion of Daggerdale through Kinaro, wiping out the human town and most of the mining settlement. A permanent enmity exists between the drow city and Barak Morndin, though neither seems to have the capacity to wipe the other out.


Shortly before the fall of Daggerdale, a small handful of the dwarven traders' contacts moved to Torm on warning by the selunites. They now trade from the port city instead.


Previously neutral, improved to somewhat friendly through the efforts of some traders (including player Delain's).


Minor trade relations for small quantities of metals.


The refugees of Karak Delvar eventually settled among nearby clans in the Dagger mountains, who serve as the ancestors of those who founded the kingdom of Barak Morndin. They have long since held sway over that section of mountains, including vast stretches of underdark beneath, and boast several satellite mining settlements in the nearby mountains and lowlands (one of which being the mining and trade outpost of Kinaro). The only feasable known access to Barak Morndin is underground, through cavern links from their outposts.

Known to maintain connections particularly through Daggerdale via Kinaro in trade, until the recent destruction of that village. One or two traders remain as a link to Torm further south, but ties to the humans of the area are much more sparse now. An unusual neutrality-to-alliance exists between Barak Morndin and Akh'ketonn, due to the elves' aid in a previous orcish invasion.

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