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Government Type Nationalist Statolatry (UNITY PARTY)
Ruler The Chairperson (NPC)
Minister of State NONE (NPC)
Allies NONE
Enemies All
Est. Pop. 100,000 to 250,000
Tier Tier 1

Tonovi recently underwent a popular revolution, led by Kaspar Strauss, which saw the overthrow and execution of all of the old nobility. Tonovi recently banned the slave trade and released the penned slaves, but has replaced those slaves with enemies of the state. The Unity Party rule with an iron fist as they return Tonovi to the great power it once was.

On the dawn of Flameday, 10 Summerstime, 772 SG, a remarkable event occured within the city. Chancellor Kaspar Strauss gathered people from all around for a massive celebration of Unity. During that celebration, Strauss whipped his followers into an ecstatic frenzy, and sought to sacrifice his citizens in some sort of dark ritual. His ritual caught the eye of some greater dark power, which seemed to cut him off from the ritual, causing it to backfire. In the fallout of this event, Strauss and the New Dawn cult were thus sacrificed. The ritual spiraled out of control and gave birth to a new deity, Unity, which scoured the city of all of its corruptive cults in a brilliant show of judgement as a great crimson eye in the sky above the city.

Unity is a revolutionary movement, which views aristocracy and landed nobility with complete and utter disdain. With that said, the Unity is not above using foreign lords in the pursuit of their ultimate aims: to unseat the old order and usher in the new.

The government of Tonovi is divided into Trade Unions, or Syndicates, each with their own areas of operation and influence. The Union of the Hammer is dedicated to the oversight and communication with the various specific trade unions within the city. The Union of the Sword is dedicated to overseeing all aspects of the military. The Union of the Cog encompasses the marriage between science, magic and industry. The Hall of Unity oversees propaganda, foreign relations and spiritual guidance. Each Syndicate is overseen by a Syndicate Chairperson, who is elected by the members of that individual syndicate. The Chair members form the Unity Council, which is ruled over by an enigmatic figure known simply as The Chairperson.

No one knows the origins of The Chairperson or who or what they actually are. One can only assume they are a human, but this figures wears clothing that completely covers them from head to toe, along with a crimson mask. They are deferred to in all matters, though they never seem to speak, other than through intermediaries.

The population of Tonovi is mainly Heartlander humans with some Zin'Charu mix. There are a number of non-humans that live in the city, though almost all elves left when slavery was abolished. Most peoples are allowed within the city gates save for openly monstrous species.

Tonovi arguably has one of the largest populations in the region, with vast manpower resources to draw upon. Though not as populated as it once was, Tonovi still is a large scale economic and military power in the region with vast access to magical and military resources. Tonovi has also, since the uprising, dedicated much of its efforts into industrial infrastructure and is more than capable of fielding a large army and supplying it if needed.

Tonovi maintains trade relations with other city-states mainly through its ally in the Yniam plains. In this way, the government seeks to insulate its people from the radical and dangerous forces that it feels it is threatened by.

In the year 768, the Halls of Unity were established within the city and has since become a sort of state-based quasi-religion. The UNITY movement carries all of the hallmarks of a fanatical religion, based around a fervent and rabid belief in the national identity and the greatness of humankind as a righteous force in the world. UNITY sees itself as the champion faith of all humankind in the world, and as the only tool for humankind to realize its manifest destiny to rule over all other species. The Advocacy of UNITY is a fervent apparatus of the government that ensures that each cog of the state machine works towards a common goal.

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