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Location: northwest plains of Dagger region
Rulership: elective duchy
Political ties: Tharis is the only true “friendly” alliance that Tonovi maintains, since the waning of its agreements with Shadow after the rise of their plutocracy. They maintain a trade of elven slaves and other goods. Tonovi tends towards hostilities with most of its neighbors, particularly Kinaro and the contingent of elven rangers (scouts from Akh'ketonn) that inhabit the nearby Kilkean forest. Hostilities have cooled between Tonovi and Torm, although no trade runs between the two cities. They are also opposed to Antioch, although fortunately their distance between tends to bring less strife to the two cities.
Religious ties: Tonovi used to be strongly religious stronghold, but these days no religion is established as the main religion.
Tier: Tier 1

Tonovi has only relatively recently come into its independence, and that has not been peacefully achieved. Some time after the formation of the kingdom of Thorm (Torm), the Duchy was given to Tonovi, a loyal cousin of king Ketilbjorn at some point around -120SG. Prosperous and loyal to the throne for many hundred years following, it arose to prosperity in the midst of the fertile Yniam plain, taking only brief harm during the Godswar. The formerly friendly ties to Torm fell apart in recent times, with the decline of the kingdom's royal line, and the rise of the worship of Xvim within Tonovi itself. Eventually, Tonovi seceded from the kingdom in 644SG under the belief that they too would bear their curse, and the Duchy has held unfriendly relationships with its closest neighbour ever since.

Tonovi has a history of persecutions and slavery particularly of elves, but also of several other demihuman races (dwarves, gnomes). They have been involved in hostilities with Daggerdale (primarily Selune's temple, before its destruction) and Torm (during the invasion with Shadow in 657SG), and so they tend to be at odds with all of their neighbours. Their control once extended beyond the city gates to all of the Yniam plains and most of the roads surrounding their lands, including their hold on the main trade route, by which they gathered a pretty income from tax upon anyone that travels by it. Following its civil war in 682SG, however, with the involvement of a group of players, control of the roadways was restored to Torm with patrols from Yuki Takeda's clan.

In 752 SG, a slave revolt erupted outside of the city, led by a mysterious drow figure named Minienal. The slaves overthrew their masters and laid siege to the city, much to the horror of the Tonovi citizens. As if on cue, an undead invasion of the Dagger region erupted from Nurval, and the undead horde, led by a Nightwalker, descended upon the revolting slaves, who were now trapped between the undead and the walls of the city. Mysteriously, the gates of the city opened for the Nightwalker and the horde poured into the city causing a great deal of slaughter. In the end, the Nightwalker, and its horde was destroyed by a team of stalwart heroes.

In the wake of this calamity, the city has been going through a period of transformation and turmoil. Three major groups all wish to take the city in a new direction. The nobility pushes for the city to return to its status quo. The merchant class, who suffered the most destruction from the revolt, wish for the abolition of slavery, seeing it as a crutch. The common people, filled with new resolve, push for a more powerful and unified city, looking outward, to prevent any future calamity from happening again. Time will tell what the fate of Tonovi is in the future…

NPCs of note

Aesa Langenberg

Current Duchess of Tonovi. The Langenberg clan is one of several Aesatri families with a distant claim to ancestry from the original Tonovi who established the city around -120SG. Chosen as the new Duchess following Lusell's step-down from ruling the city after the civil war of 682SG. Her family was selected over several other contenders for their strong loyalty and ties to the Banite church - Since the Silence, the city has been split between the followers of Nilith and the Faceless One, and there remains a question as to which one Aesa follows. Widowed wife of Agnar Langenberg (a knightly champion of Bane who died in battle), with two sons Sigmund (antipaladin following his father's footsteps) and Jokul, and a daughter Vaetild.

Though she has long been a very adept political maneuverer, it has been whispered that in her old age, Aesa is losing her edge. Some say she has turned to darker powers, who promise longer life and stability for her rule.

Aesa Langenberg dies in 757 SG, from unknown causes. Some suspect she was assassinated.


Rules of Tonovi


All citizens and visitors are expected to obey the laws of this city and are expected to heed the orders of any city authority. All laws and decrees are to be enforced by the guards and appointed officials only.

All races except elves are allowed within the city limits. This does not supercede the law regarding rangers and paladins (see next listed law). Sub-human species such as but not limited to drow, kobold, hobgoblin, ogre, etc. are allowed in the city but will be watched constantly. Since Tonovi does not consider these species true 'races', they are held to a different standard which is to be determined by the city authorities at the given time.

Any attempt to aid an elf or a slave is considered a crime against the city of Tonovi and those found guilty will be publicly tortured and then placed into the slave market.

Weapons will not be wielded in Tonovi except by designated officials. If a weapon is visible, it will be considered wielded. All mage books and bags are considered weapons, therefore they will not be wielded or visible at any time. If they are, they will be considered unsheathed weapons and are subject to the penalties listed below. The only exception is in the study room which is located within the Tonovi Inn. No magic will be cast at any time while within the city of Tonovi except by designated officials. Punishments for having weapons out of sheaths:
1st Offense 100000 gold fine
2nd Offense 100000 gold fine and tortured publicly
3rd Offense Executed publicly

Any person heard to speak ill of the Duchess of Tonovi will immediately become a wanted criminal. Upon capture by proper Tonovi authorities, a public execution will be held.

The killing of any person within the city of Tonovi by anyone other than proper authorities will result in the guilty being executed publicly. Attacks that do not result in death will result in the guilty being tortured publicly.

The city of Tonovi holds the right to ban any person or race at any time for any reason. Banned persons or races found within the city of Tonovi will be publicly tortured. New additions and deletions to the banned persons and races will be posted on the city board.

All property of any person tortured, executed or otherwise killed in the city of Tonovi will be confiscated and absorbed into the city coffer.

All items sold in stores have been taxed at an appropriate level by the Duchess herself. All items sold outside of proper stores will require the buyer to pay a 10% tax to the nearest guard or city authority. Failure to do so will result in immediate seizure of the items in question and the public torture of the buyer.

Any attempt to overthrow the government will be seen as an act of war and will be treated as such. If all parties involved are captured, they will be publicly tortured and sold to the highest bidder in the slave market.

Any person found to have escaped justice for any crime listed herein will be considered a wanted criminal. Upon capture by proper Tonovi authorities, a public execution will be held.

The officials of Tonovi reserve the right to punish any other act they deem a crime against the government, the city, or a Tonovi citizen in any means and to any extent they see fit.

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