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Rise: circa -10SG
Golden age: circa 400SG to present
Location: northeast region of the main Shadow continent

The Tsarven Empire is a gathering of seven kingdoms and states (not including Tsarven itself) south of Talzashaar's Teeth. It covers the entire continent south and south-east of the Shadow region, and can be roughly compared to the historic stretches of Arabia, Persia and Mongolia. Physically, its human inhabitants bear a swarthy complexion with usually dark, narrowed eyes and dark hair.

The Tsarven Empire is actually the second, historically, to rule the region south of the great mountains. The first empire was composed of many Djinni kingdoms that inhabited the area from -7,800SG to -6,100SG. The current Empire arose primarily from the human slave stock of the first, having rebelled and overthrown their former masters following the end of the Age of Skyfire. These human slaves broke off into clans and tribes, many of which died out in the ensuing millennia, but the remainder gathered and began forming the present-day kingdoms and states.

The Empire consists of the following regions:

Note: With the exception of Azha, these locations are unreachable in-game, but many players use them as a part of their histories and birthplaces.

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