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Kingdom of Brynlhar

Location: north (underground)
Climate: underground caverns and mountain passes
Government: monarchy
Capital: unknown
People: Brynlharan
Ethnicity: gold dwarf

'The Golden Pass'

The settlement of Brynlhar dates back well beyond the human kingdoms of the area, and its dwarven ancestors were responsible in aiding humankind to escape the hold of their Djinni masters following the Age of Skyfire. Relations have long since degraded, however, as the humans went about their own business and mostly forgot their dwarven saviors. They are ruled by a royal line dating back to the establishment of the city circa -8,400SG.

Economic Standing:
Brynlhar's kingdom spreads beneath the imposing Talzashaar's Teeth, offering what is considered the “safest” passage through the range. However, the price demanded by the dwarven kingdom turns away all but the most determined travelers. Economic endeavors focus on maintaining the kingdom's self-sufficiency, leveraging their strategic location and the resources within their mountain stronghold.

Cultural Landscape:
The gold dwarves of Brynlhar place immense importance on divisions of clan and class, with nobility and royal lines serving as the bedrock of rulership within their underground city. Pride and honor are woven into the very fabric of their society, where the failure of a single dwarf is seen as a reflection on their entire clan and ancestral lineage.

Political Structure:
Brynlhar's political structure is firmly anchored in its longstanding royal line, a heritage tracing back to the city's establishment circa -8,400SG. The dwarven rulers, embodying the proud traditions of gold dwarves, govern with a dual focus on preserving the kingdom's security and upholding time-honored traditions.

Relations with Other States:
Relations with humans remain strained, marked by deep-seated aloofness and inherent mistrust. Additionally, Brynlhar's citadel faces regular attacks by the lesser beasts of the pass, although these threats do not pose a significant challenge to the well-established dwarven stronghold.

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