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Stat requirements: 13 strength
Resonances allowed: any
Hitdice: d12
Saving throws: fort strong, reflex/will weak
Class Skills: athletics, dungeoneering, endurance, survival
Class Feats: L1: light armor proficiency, medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency, rage, powerattack, unarmored defense
L2: dodge
L5: danger sense
L7: damage resistance
L10: damage reduction
L11: greater rage
L13: improved damage resistance
L14: mobility
L16: indomitable will
L17: tireless rage
L20: mighty rage
L31: unstoppable
Also: one rage power feat at L1, then L6 and every six levels thereafter
Also: one bonus melee feat at L21, and every five class levels thereafter

The barbarian is a fearsome warrior that channels his rage to devastating effect in battle. Barbarians typically hail from the edge of civilization, or in some cases, even beyond it. Eschewing the extensive training and professionalism found commonly among fighters, the barbarian taps into his primal rage to more than make up for his lack of regimented training. Barbarians can be of all resonances, but they tend to be eratic berserkers who use their raw ferocity in place of their reason when in combat.

Strength and constitution are the main attributes of the barbarian. The higher the barbarian's strength, the better chance he has to hit and damage his enemy. A high constitution enables the barbarian to withstand more punishment in the midst of a fray since they are always right in the middle of every battle they are in. A good dexterity is also recommended to further allow him to avoid blows during combat.

The barbarian's primary ability in battle is rage. Rage increases his innate strength, constitution, and will saves throughout its duration. This allows the barbarian to deal and take a great deal of damage, with its effect and duration increasing as the barbarian gains levels.

The barbarian is a melee class, so should rely on feats taken from the martial tree, check feats list martial for a full list of what is potentially available to you.

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