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Kingdom of Djyaristan

Location: south and southeast
Climate: desert, steppe, coastal
Government: plutocracy
Capital: Djyarimisk
People: Djyarishites
Ethnicity: Tsarven

Establishment: The people of Djyaristan are descended from the original slave stock of the Djinni that ruled the area many millennia ago. While the Morinnen and Lirremari remained a mostly nomadic people, those who favored static settlements drifted south across the inhospitable desert to settle upon the southern coast. There were known to be small villages in the area as early as -5,700SG, with the capital of Djyarimisk arising circa -2,150SG.

Summary: In Djyaristan, money and power are one and the same, with the country’s laws and governance dictated by the merchant council of Djyarimisk. Primarily human, the country also supports a much larger than usual populace of halflings and half-orcs, which are generally well accepted. Many genasi are believed to live covertly also among this mixed populace, remnants of the Djinni rule many millennia earlier. Djyarimisk serves as the trade hub and the heart of this state, while much of the west is given to desert across which caravans travel at their own risk of banditry; there are regular accusations levelled at the clans of bordering Lirremar, who deny any responsibility. The Djyarim river leads down from Selu’havessthyr to the east, providing the main source of arable land and homeland to several halfling clans, who serve as intermediataries between Djyarimisk and the sun elf clans of Selu’havessthyr.

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