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Kingdom of Djyaristan

Location: south and southeast
Climate: desert, steppe, coastal
Government: plutocracy
Capital: Djyarimisk
People: Djyarishites
Ethnicity: Tsarven

Djyaristan, descended from the original slave stock of the Djinni rulers many millennia ago, stands as a diverse realm with a complex history. The Morinnen and Lirremari, originally nomadic, favored static settlements and established the kingdom on the southern coast. Small villages appeared as early as -5,700SG, with the capital, Djyarimisk, arising circa -2,150SG. The kingdom, primarily human, supports a significant populace of halflings and half-orcs, widely accepted in society. Covert genasi remnants from the Djinni rule also blend into the mixed populace.

Economic Standing:
In Djyaristan, money and power intertwine, shaping the country's laws and governance through the merchant council of Djyarimisk. Djyarimisk serves as the trade hub and heart of the state, while the western desert poses risks for caravans due to banditry, with accusations often directed at the clans of bordering Lirremar, who deny responsibility. The absence of the Emperor has prompted an increase in competition with neighboring states, especially Phaederia. Trade routes that were once mutually beneficial now face disruptions. The Djyarim river, flowing from Selu'havessthyr to the east, provides arable land and a homeland for halfling clans acting as intermediaries between Djyarimisk and the sun elf clans of Selu'havessthyr.

Cultural Landscape:
Djyaristan's cultural landscape is marked by diversity, with humans, halflings, and half-orcs coexisting. The merchant council of Djyarimisk dictates laws, emphasizing the integration of economic and political power. The acceptance of various races within the populace reflects Djyaristan's inclusive nature, fostering a unique blend of cultures.

Political Structure:
The governance of Djyaristan is shaped by the influential merchant council of Djyarimisk, where money and power are synonymous. During the Silence, Djyaristan became the official Protectorate of Dawri'Watan, a neighboring independent state that gained freedom from Phaederia in 680 SG.

Relations with Other States:
Djyaristan's western desert, rife with caravan ambushes and disputes, has led to accusations of banditry predominantly aimed at the clans of Lirremar - which they dispute. The competition for vital resources not only heightens tensions with Lirremar but also pushes Djyaristan to the brink in its dealings with Phaederia. The Djyarim river, serving as a link to Selu'havessthyr, is a crucial aspect of diplomatic ties with the sun elf clans.

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