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- Undead body:

  • No constitution stat, charisma used for hp calculations
  • No aging, age category is always normal
  • No hunger or thirst
  • No stamina
  • Immune to disease, poison, and rend
  • Not affected by fatigue and exhaustion
  • + 50% cold resistance
  • - 25% fire resistance

- Undead mind:

  • Immune to standard death effects
  • Immune to sleep, charm and confusion
  • Will is always high
  • Mind-affecting powers damage but don't affect the mind

- Innate darkvision and animate dead spells

- Effects of negative and positive energy are reversed


“Undead” is a template that can be applied to any living creature in order to transform it into a monster of undeath such as a zombie, animated skeleton, or a vampire, or to creatures that are innately unique such as mohrgs, wights.

Undead use their Charisma score in place of their Constitution score when calculating hit points, Fortitude saves, and any special ability that relies on Constitution.

Undead beings are considered abominations. They are an affront to the natural order, and their mere presence invites destruction. Whether this is true or a folk belief remains a topic for scholars to debate. The common folk that drive most civilizations unilaterally strive to destroy and to end the existence of any undead or necromancer that they encounter. Intelligent undead, too, are never an exception to this rule. The vast majority of them are plagued with insanity, becoming monsters that hate everything living, even if in life they rooted for the side of good. Few ever bother to hold conversations with inferior living beings. They are more likely to destroy both good and evil beings rather than trying to build an alliance with them. Ancient liches, nosferatu, and aswang cannot be communicated with, and they are considered to be enemies to all life.

That being said, to every rule there is an exception. If this exception is supported by divinity, then the variables that governed the world change, and bring new rules into the game. Greater undead, intelligent and sane, are those marked by Nilith's unholy graft. If they do not follow her, they are at least never enemies of the church.

Player characters

Playing an undead character gives no meaningful bonuses, and imposes severe punitive mechanical elements onto your gameplay. You will be harmed by most means of healing. Many spells will cause greater damage to you. You will be brought down almost everywhere if you are found to be undead as other players have an additional excuse to start pk with you. With all of that said, inexperienced players should not consider this path.

The only available template for players is the necropolitain character. Visually indistinguishable from the living, these are undead dwellers of undead kingdoms raised by Nilith allies and her followers.

Warning: This is an advanced race, known as a PK-race. It imposes disadvantages on your gameplay: If revealed, you may be attacked on sight and shunned in cities throughout the realm. You start with your NOPK-flag turned off and other players may attack you because of your race. You may not, however, attack a player of a standard race without additional provocation.

Note: Undead is an acquired template that may only be gained through RP and avatar-interaction.

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