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Location: southwest
Climate: rocky, some flatlands (coastal)
Government: theocratic military dictatorship
Capital: Phaederia
People: Phaederians
Ethnicity: Tsarven

Phaederia was established by a break-away group from Djyaristan circa -350SG, set on upholding the doctrine of Bane, and has since been defined by its civil wars stemming from religious disputes. Post the ascension of Kreysneothosies and the fall of the old gods, Phaederia remains ensnared in a continuous cycle of civil wars. The absence of the Emperor's control has intensified internal conflicts, with factions emerging among the populace. The ongoing strife centers around the fervent worshippers of Lord Shadow and the burgeoning cult of Mephasm, slowly gaining traction in the state.

Economic Standing:
Phaederia strategically maintains its position within the rocky ocean-bordered reaches south of Lirremar. However, the persistent civil wars impact the state's economic standing, hindering efforts to rebuild and stabilize trade. Economic foundations remain fragile as internal conflicts shape the state's economic trajectory. The absence of a central authority exacerbates rivalries with Djyaristan, leading to accusations of unfair trade practices and economic espionage.

Cultural Landscape:
A history of religious strife deeply influences Phaederia's cultural identity. Open hostility toward representatives of Selu'havessthyr persists, with tensions increasing by the day.

Political Structure:
The absence of the old gods and the Emperor's control has allowed for the emergence of fervent factions, hindering Phaederia's attempts to define its political structure. Historically marked by power struggles and religious tensions, the kingdom grapples with continuous turmoil. Various factions vie for influence, and internal conflicts have become a recurring theme, making it challenging for Phaederia to establish a stable and cohesive political framework.

Relations with Other States:
Tensions between Phaederia and Djyaristan continue to grow as trade routes realign and competition for resources increases. Long-lived hostilities toward Selu’havessthyr, once held in check by the Emporer, seem to be edging ever closer toward outright war.

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