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Location: southwest
Climate: rocky, some flatlands (coastal)
Government: military dictatorship
Capital: Phaederia
People: Phaederians
Ethnicity: Tsarven

Establishment: a break-away group from Djyaristan circa -350SG, set on upholding the doctrine of Bane. The state almost fell apart following the death of Bane during the Godswar, but was held intact through the intervention of the church of Xvim. Still, civil wars have raged on and off several times in the ensuing centuries, instigated by the remaining cult of Bane, who rose up and took over the country again shortly after the death of Xvim in recent years.

Summary: Phaederia is the smallest of the Tsarven states, carving out a niche within the rocky ocean-bordered reaches south of Lirremar. It has been the site of continuous strife for many centuries, counting numerous civil wars between the priesthood of Xvim and the remaining cults of Bane, bowing only to the command of the Emperor to hold off from wiping itself out. The state itself is openly hostile against representatives of Selu’havessthyr, but both states are held neutral under threat of the Emperor’s wrath. It has entered an unusual era of calm following the return of Bane and the bloody take-over by his church, as it rebuilds itself.

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