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help the game


game bug here | TARGET | DESCRIPTION
game typo here | TARGET | DESCRIPTION
game idea here | TARGET | DESCRIPTION

This command lets you report a bug, typo, an idea. If you are using the bug version of the command please ask for a wiz and state that you want to report a bug with a brief description of the problem before reporting it. A player or immortal may know if it's not a bug or it may help a wiz be able to get important information before time passes.

All versions of the command work with a TARGET, so if you can look at something with the target id then using this command will report that id (in order to help immortals know exactly what item you are referencing). Using 'here' will report the room that you are currently in. You can also enter a DESCRIPTION, for example, if a bug is not directly related to an object or the room that you are in. When using a description please be concise, you may elaborate within the editor for the command.

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