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The City of Antioch

Government Type Monarchy
Ruler Cealith Elurion (NPC)
Council of Seven Welkanar (NPC)
Josephine of House Liamara (NPC)
Ramius Darkholme (PLAYER)
High Archmages Karyn Withem (NPC)
Allies Torm
Enemies Tonovi
Symbol Silver Pegasus
Tier Tier 2

The modern Antioch serves as one of the few remaining strongholds of light, including a paladin guild hall. They also serve as home to the largest following of Jarmilian worshippers, and their high priest Sebastian. Aside from this, there is a strong concentration of adept magi within the city, likely hailing to their Zin'Charu heritage, who are led by Archmage Welkanar, advisor to the royal line. A stern view is taken of misuse of magic within the city itself, which has in the past resulted in the establishment of wards and the temporary ban of certain types of magic within city limits.


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