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Kingdom of Morinnen

Location: central
Climate: steppes
Government: matriarchal monarchy
Capital: n/a
People: Morinnen
Ethnicity: Morinnen

The Morinnen, a fierce people with no established cities or strongholds, have thrived in the central flatlands of Tsarven since the end of the Age of Skyfire circa -6,000SG.

Economic Standing:
The Morinnen, composed of many clans of horse-people, revere their ruler, a single queen and her consort. Lineage is traced through the female, emphasizing the matriarchal nature of their society. Living as hunter-gatherers, the Morinnen follow herds of wild animals for food, and their ancestors claim to be the first to tame domestic horses, passing on this knowledge to their neighbors. The Morinnen's well-bred steeds are highly sought after across the region, contributing to their economic standing.

Cultural Landscape:
The Morinnen maintain a highly cohesive society, leaving supplies for the next clans as they traverse the flatlands. Fierce pride in the craft of war defines their culture, rooted in the early days of staking a claim to the flatlands after the Age of Skyfire. Renowned for their martial skill with the bow, the Morinnen bear no animosity toward their neighbors due to their neutral political stance. The Morinnen are also known for their handicrafts and carry a verbal lore tradition, giving much heed to Kreysneothosies.

Political Structure:
The Morinnen's political structure revolves around a matriarchal system, with a single queen and her consort at the helm.

Relations with Other States:
The Morinnen maintain a neutral stance with their neighbors, contributing to their lack of animosity. Renowned for their craftsmanship and verbal lore tradition, the Morinnen hold a distinct cultural position within the region.

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