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Kingdom of Morinnen

Location: central
Climate: steppes
Government: matriarchal monarchy
Capital: n/a
People: Morinnen
Ethnicity: Morinnen

Establishment: The Morinnen have no established cities or strongholds, but have existed in the area since the end of the Age of Skyfire circa -6,000SG.

Summary: The Morinnen are a fierce people composed of many clans of horse-people that live upon the flatlands central to the Tsarven empire. They hail their ruler as a single queen and her consort, with lineage always traced through the female, as they believe it ridiculous to try and prove the male sire of a child. As a people, they are highly cohesive, leaving supplies (scarce firewood, etc) in for the next clans who will pass behind them. They live as hunter-gatherers, following herds of wild animals, such as deer and horses, for food. The Morinnen’s ancestors are claimed to have been the first people to tame the domestic horse, passing that knowledge onto their neighbours. Their own highly trained, well-bred steeds are of high demand right across the Empire.

Though small, this kingdom bears a fierce, nearly savage pride in the craft of war, and will easily rise to a challenge if confronted, which lends back to their early days staking a claim to the flatlands from the remnant Djinni after the Age of Skyfire. They are renowned for particular martial skill with the bow. This aside, they bear no animosity to any of their neighbours due to their relatively neutral stance politically, but will fight readily at the command of the Emperor. They are also renowned for their handicrafts, and carry a verbal lore tradition. Much heed is given here to Kreysneothosies.

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