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State of Lirremar

Location: west and northwest
Topography: desert (arid)
Government: psiocracy
Capital: Syenit
People: Lirremari
Ethnicity: mostly Tsarven, some mixed Senzoku features

Establishment: clans appeared following the end of the Djinni empire, shortly after -6,000SG. Syenit arose in central Lirremar circa -2,300SG as the first static settlement amongst a state of nomads, which served as a meeting point of the clan leaders every few years. The small village eventually was transformed to something greater, as each clan took partial responsibility for its upkeep. A change in government to a psiocracy swept through circa 500SG following the rise of the faith of Auppenser.

Summary: Lirremar is the largest of the Tsarven states, covering nearly the entirety of the Tsarven desert and nearly a third of the empire’s total landspace. That aside, nearly all of Lirremar is desert, with very little arable land of worth. Lirremar also offers the only feasable access to the wildlands to the northwest, though it is a rare traveller that bothers to set out in that direction; the mingling of clans in this area gives them some oriental features which are not found anywhere else in the Empire. The citizenry is made up nearly entirely of nomadic desert tribes (Bedouin style), wandering from one oasis to the next, who are highly clannish and live mostly from their herds and the land’s meagre resources.

The capital city Syenit is the only major establishment of note, serving as the birthplace of Auppenser and his faith, and where once was held the stronghold of Auppenser’s worship. The city itself, and the laws of Lirremar as they are held, are dictated from here by the psiocracy, a council of Psiarchs selected for their wisdom and insight. Children among the tribes who show signs of psionic aptitude are considered blessed, and are usually given over to the church for training as the tribes pass the capital once every two years.

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