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State of Lirremar

Location: west and northwest
Topography: desert (arid)
Government: psiocracy
Capital: Syenit
People: Lirremari
Ethnicity: Tsarven mingled with Morrinen features

Clans first appeared in Lirremar following the end of the Djinni empire, shortly after -6,000SG. Syenit arose in central Lirremar circa -2,300SG as the first static settlement amongst a state of nomads, which served as a meeting point of the clan leaders every few years. The small village eventually was transformed to something greater, as each clan took partial responsibility for its upkeep. A change in government to a psiocracy swept through circa 500SG following the rise of the faith of Auppenser. Post the Silence, Lirremar remains a vast desert state, encompassing the Tsarven desert and a significant portion of the former empire's lands. The psiocracy still governs the state from the capital city of Syenit, though the faith was lost during the Silence.

Economic Standing:
The nomadic lifestyle of the desert tribes forms the economic backbone, centered around herding and resourceful utilization of limited desert resources. Periodic gatherings at Syenit facilitate crucial trade between clans, contributing to the economic stability of Lirremar.

Cultural Landscape:
Clannish and nomadic, the tribes maintain their strong sense of identity and loyalty. The mingling of clans in Lirremar's vastness has resulted in oriental features unique to the region. The psiocracy emphasizes the preservation of Lirremar's distinct cultural tapestry, ensuring that ancient customs persist even without the spiritual guidance of Auppenser.

Political Structure:
The psiocracy governs from Syenit, shaping the political landscape of Lirremar. The council ensures a delicate balance between tradition and adaptability, maintaining stability within the diverse nomadic tribes.

Education and Psionics:
Children displaying psionic aptitude remain highly valued and are entrusted to mentors within the tribes for training. The education system emphasizes individual exploration and the development of psionic abilities, reflecting a personal journey. Even without the direct influence of Auppenser, the psiocracy upholds the significance of psionics, fostering a continued focus on the development of these unique abilities.

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