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Kingdom of Selu’havessthyr

Location: east
Climate: flatlands, large forested tracts, low mountains preventing ocean access to the east
Government: oligarchy (noble families)
Capital: Selu’havessthor, “City of Majestic Spires”
Ethnicity: sun elf

Selu'havessthyr is the oldest of the Tsarven kingdoms, bearing dominion of the area long before the rise of humans or even their Djinni masters. Dating back to the First Flowering, this kingdom and its capital Selu'havessthor was considered the greatest of the sun elves' dominions, but fell from glory during the crown wars due to the arrogance of their ruling house at the time, who have since been destroyed along with their allies, leaving the remaining houses to pick up the pieces.

Economic Standing:
Economic endeavors in Selu'havessthyr revolve around the preservation and strategic utilization of natural resources within the kingdom. The Djyarim River not only facilitates trade but also establishes a crucial connection, allowing the halfling clans of Djyaristan to act as intermediaries between Djyarimisk and Selu'havessthyr.

Cultural Landscape:
The people of Selu'havessthyr are staunchly traditional, with a sense of pride bordering on arrogance in their adherence to age-old customs. This commitment to tradition permeates every aspect of their society, influencing their daily lives, social interactions, and governance. Renowned for their mastery of magic, the sun elves have shaped the landscape with magnificent stonewrought towers and spires, serving as both architectural marvels and representations of their formidable magical prowess.

Political Structure:
The noble houses, survivors of the Crown Wars, have governed Selu'havessthyr with a collective effort to maintain elven traditions. Internal struggles and debates about the restoration's success have become more pronounced without the Celestial Emperor's influence, and the united front among noble houses faces challenges.

Relations with Other States:
Selu'havessthyr's relations with Sindh remain strained, reflecting the kingdom's perception of its southern neighbor's regressive policies. Hostility towards Phaederia, once restrained by the Celestial Emperor's authority, has seen a more assertive stance in the kingdom's evolving political landscape.

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