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Sexual Harassment and Bullying

This sheet is here to make sure that there is no confusion about our policy as it relates to sexual conduct and bullying in Sundering Shadows.

Simply put, we have a no tolerance policy when it comes to the following behaviors:

  • Publicly displayed sexual acts.
  • Sexual acts with minors, whether it relates to NPCs or players, public OR private.
  • Making a character that, prima fascia, is perceived to be a child.
  • Any sexual act performed without explicit consent from the parties involved as well as any bystanders. NPCs are unable to give consent and thus are off limits.
  • OOC Bullying or Sexual Harassment for any reason and/or any such IC acts performed without OOC consent. (See below for the definition of sexual harassment and bullying).
  • Making sexual advances on anyone with a newbie flag (Nb).
  • Retaliating against other players for not engaging in sexual content.

To make it perfectly clear: These acts are explicitly prohibited and we have a NO TOLERANCE policy in regards said acts. No tolerance means anyone engaging in these acts will be rid.

Remember the spirit of this policy. Any exploitation of grey areas in the wording will be seen as a violation of the policy.

If you encounter any of the above acts, you need to submit a lawmail. Every single action that anyone takes is logged and we can easily verify any claims. Again, if you feel that you are being targeted by bullying or sexual harassment, send a lawmail about it.

Links for reference:

Project Callisto
Anti-Bullying Alliance,Anti-Bullying%20Alliance

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