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Sun elf (gold elf):

Stat adjustments +2 intelligence, -2 constitution, +2 charisma
Innate spells none
Size medium
Standard alignments any non-evil
Classes restricted psion, psywarrior, druid
Normal adventuring starting age 101-130
Average life span 550

Racial Traits

Elven Magic +2 spell penetration
Elven Immunities +2 to saves vs charm spells, sleep immunity
Low Light Vision +2 to sight bonus to see in the dark
Keen Senses +2 perception


Somewhat less common than their moon-elf cousins, they tend to be less social with other races. They usually have bronzed skin, along with golden or green eyes, and hair of blonde, black, or coppery red. They are less inclined to physical pursuits as those of arcanery and other intellectual ends. They are some of the greatest magic users in the realms, and are also renowned for their magnificent stonewrought towers and spires that form their homes.

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