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State of Sindh

Location: northeast
Climate: grasslands savannah leading up to low mountains (semi-arid to continental)
Government: elected monarchy (usually half-elven)
Capital: Verhedrin (first), Nueva Asteranor (second), Tsarven (city-state)
People: Sindhese
Ethnicity: highly mixed; unusually large numbers of half-elves. Humans hail from Tsarven and Attayan roots, with small mixings of the northern Heartlander ‘barbarians’ and sun elves from Selu’havessthyr

Sindh is the youngest of the Tsarven kingdoms, springing up from a gathering of those who flocked to the cause of the Celestial Emperor and his famed guardian golden dragon during the Godswar of 0SG and remained faithful thereafter, raising Verhedrin as their home. The state was bolstered considerably following the Kinnesarudan wars, with the numerous refugees that flooded the Tsarven states and settled their new home, raising the city of Nueva Asteranor in the image of their lost homeland. Once renowned as the Heart of the Empire, Sindh now stands as a symbol of progressive values and inclusive governance.

Economic Standing:
The realignment of geopolitical alliances and the redirection of crucial trade routes in the wake of the empire's fall contribute to increased economic instability in the region. The city-state of Tsarven, once a vital trade hub and the capital city of the Tsarven Empire, has experienced a decline in relevance, further impacting the overall economic environment.

Cultural Landscape:
Sindh's cultural richness thrives through the harmonious cohabitation of humans, half-elves, and displaced sun elves. Famed for its progressive values and acceptance, Sindh continues to be a beacon of diversity. The state's commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive society remains unwavering, shaping its unique cultural tapestry.

Political Dynamics:
Under a half-elven elected monarchy, Sindh places half-elves at the forefront of leadership. The elected monarch faces the perpetual challenge of maintaining a delicate balance between inclusive values and the need for stable governance. Internal political factions, representing the diverse mixed-race populace of humans, half-elves, and elves, advocate for varying degrees of autonomy within the region.

Relations with Other States:
Sindh maintains generally amicable relations with its neighboring regions, emphasizing progressive values and inclusive governance. However, tensions persist with Selu'havessthyr, where the perception of Sindh as regressive prompts strained relations. The cultural divergence between the two states, rooted in contrasting ideologies, creates occasional challenges in diplomatic interactions.

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