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City of Graez

Location: Sangri
Rulership: theocracy
Symbol: n/a
Est. Pop. 2,001 to 20,000
Tier: Tier 2

Graez stands as a small island in a sea of undead, the minions of Kartakass who holds sway upon most of the island. Reduced nearly to extinction, it has been bolstered since 681SG by a considerable force of the Tempussian church, who now lead the resistance against the evils beyond the city gates. Whispers suggest that the intervention of the Tempussians is a kind of penance for their failure to save Daggerdale from its destruction, but few are daring enough to say so to the face of one of their faithful. Regardless, with their intervention the city has re-solidified its stand upon the edge of the island, and presses ever forward in the hope of one day ridding the isle of its undead plague.

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