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Ashta'Rathai, City of Elves

Location island off the coast of Danger
Rise post-crown wars, sometime after -9,000SG
Fall circa 600SG
Governance magocracy
Est.Pop. 2,001 to 20,000
Tier: Tier 2

History: Note: their ancestors may have taken pity on, and aided in the flight of, the prophesied 'sons of Heasirretyn', allowing a slim few of their descendents to escape the execution of their house.

Founded by an offshoot group of several powerful houses from Selu'havessthyr, in voluntary exile after the end of the fifth crown war. These houses had originally been friendly with Heasirretyn (but did not directly support them in the fourth crown war), so while they were not directly sentenced to execution or exile, they chose to go their own way for belief that their kin would always hold them in distrust for their ties to the destroyed first house. Distant travels across the sea led them to the continent now known as Danger, a hostile continent, but not one that served a threat to their great knowledge of arcane craft.

Over the millennia to follow, they established a home of their own upon the coastline of Danger; while only ever a fraction of Selu'havessthor's former glory, there were few that could rival the grandeur of their small city. Even a Mythal was raised, a testament to their command of powerful high magicks. But elves build and expand slowly, and as the centuries passed and humanity's explorers broadened their horizons, they found their lands being encroached upon by a growing and soon vast civilisation of humankind. Antagonism led to hostility led to war, with the end result being the annihiliation of the human civilisation, and destruction of most of their city as well, leaving only a single standing tower upon a coastal island…

A few more recent additions of non-gold-elves due to the waning population means there is a degree of interbreeding, though due to elven true-breeding, this isn't highly apparent. Also a few refugees of Ornsul's wild elf tribe, after the early 700SG's calamity on Laerad. Extremely xenophobic group, particularly hostile to humankind.

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