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Vandor’ivae, the Forest of Lights, was the home to one of the greatest elven civilizations in history, Daoine’yndaar (the City of Stars). Here, the wood elves made their home for centuries, alongside a handful of dark elves, until the Crown Wars saw the city’s complete destruction. Most of the forest still stood for a millennia longer, and later served to hide the main research enclave of the Zin’Charu beneath the eaves of its northern reaches. The Godswar saw its most fierce battles upon the same site, in an attempt to claim the ShadowGate hidden beneath this enclave. The war destroyed much of this forest even before the explosion that ended it. That explosion, the Sundering of 0SG, reduced the entire northern half of the forest to desert, and tore the northeastern edge asunder to form Laerad and the Parnelli forest.

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