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Daoine'yndaar: "The City of Stars"

Subrace: Wood elves (major), dark elves (minor), wild elves (minor)
Location: central Vandor'ivae, current site of Tharis forest
Rise: during the First Flowering
Fall: circa -10,500SG
Governance: monarchy

Daoine'yndaar was the one great civilisation of the wood elves, settled across the heart of the Vandor'ivae and known as the “city of stars” for its appearance to outsiders; countless pinpoints of light throughout the forest to illuminate their homes interwoven with the trees and natural surroundings. They lived relatively peacefully until the onset of the Crown Wars, following their refusal to submit to the sovreignty of the Heasirretyn clan of Selu'havessthor.

Following the first Crown War, they were subdued by the gold elves and became a subservient state under their occupation. However, as further wars from other elven groups stretched across centuries and then millennia, rebellions arose and pushed back the forces of Heasirretyn and its allies. Inflamed by the uprising, the high arcanists of Heasirretyn unleashed the Mormhaor’Sykerylor - a ritual known as the killing storm - which completely destroyed Daoine'yndaar and vast stretches of the forest around it.

What survivors remained, declared the evils of arcane magic upon seeing it tear apart their homeland, and what wizards remained among their own ranks joined with their priesthood in a ritual that gave up their own lives to shift the ruins of their city out of place from reality (sitting parallel on a secondary dimension). The rest of the elves dispersed into the forest, never again to rise to such a grouping that they could be the target of another attack.

The wood elves remained as guardians of the area, even with the more recent rise of the human settlement Tharis, to protect their ancient homeland and prevent anyone reaching the shifted ruins of their city; the highest among the forest group of the Tharis clans still maintain knowledge of this at present. The dark elves among them were cast down at the Descent, a side-effect of the ritual capturing them as well, and they retreated into the mountains south of the forest. The wild elves were split into two groups following the Sundering of 0SG, one upon Laerad and the other upon the mainland, the latter of which has effectively died out due to aggressive relations with local human groups.

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