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Village of Synoria

Location: western Darkwood Forest (west of Tabor)
Rulership: council of elders
Patron: Jarmila
Symbol: oak leaf crossed with a longbow
Political ties: Strongest ties remain with the elves of Akh'ketonn, by way of various scouts, and moderately friendly ties with the elves of Tharis Forest. They maintain a non-hostile watch on Tabor (to ensure the humans don't get out of hand), and a friendly link with the halflings of the meadowlands.
Est. Pop. 601 to 2000
Tier: Tier 2

A particularly small group of elves as far as settlements go, they have been whittled away to near extinction by the encroachment of humanity on the east and a dominant orcish settlement to the northwest. Still, since having opened their borders, the influx of adventurers has stilled the orcish encroachment and opened contact with Tabor, halting further losses and heralding a previously unknown time of relative peace for these elves.

Post signed off with: Marked with the signet of the council of Synoria, an oak leaf crossed with a drawn longbow.

NPCs of note

Mnelarande: young adult silver dragon, maskarades as an adolescent elven female and is currently staying in Synoria. Most are unaware of her nature, save for a few PCs during the plot to restore bardic music.

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