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Location: western lands of Shadow, north of the Tsarven Empire
Rulership: hereditary kingdom
Symbol: a bridge superimposed with a burning candle (usually by a purple seal with metallic silver border)
Political ties: The city maintains strongest ties with Azha, as the closest city of the Tsarven empire that they were once part of. They also conduct trade with Shadow by river. Aside from this, they hold no strong alliances or enmities, short of a friendly relationship with the halfling settlement upon the meadowlands.
Religious ties: Tabor is based around a hub of learning and art, and holds Kismet in highest regard among the pantheon.
Est. Pop. 2,001 to 20,000

A recently independent outpost of the Tsarven empire, broken off on reportedly friendly terms. While they have a King and a royal line of their own, they still at times defer to Azha's authority/wishes, and also gain their aid in some matters.

NPCs of interest

King Cirillo, Current King of Tabor

A wise old man, sounder in mind than in body, age unknown. A widower of 10 years, he still holds the memory of his Queen Giovanna in high regard. The couple has three children. King Cirillo is a kind man and an excellent strategist, who has managed to stay on good footing with the surrounding kingdoms and keep his city neutral in most wars. Following the fall of Oghma, King Cirillo has looked to Kismet as his guiding star. He is a short, fat and jolly man with dark brown hair. In his youth, he had quite the physique, but it is clear he now enjoys his ale almost as much as he enjoys a good cheese naan.

Crown Prince Angelo, Heir to the Throne of Tabor

Crown Prince Angelo is a skilled diplomat who is rarely seen in Tabor. He prefers to travel the various kingdoms in the world and account for most of Tabor's current favors in the world at large. He is married to Crown Princess Gaylia and has two children. Angelo is described as “a fairly handsome and stout man with a regal posture.” What he lacks in height, he makes up for in confidence and he is an accomplished warrior.

Crown Princess Gaylia

Crown Princess Gaylia of Sindh is of half-elven origin and described as “a tall and majestic jewel, pious and polite, but rightfully haughty”. She prefers to travel with her husband, but also spends much of her time in her “vacation house” in Sindh, with the couple's two children. She is a devoted follower of Kreysneothosies and is rumored to give her husband competition in the combat arena. She is the third daughter of the current King of Sindh.

Princess Myrinda and Prince Antoni

The children of Angelo and Gaylia are precious gems, rarely seen in Tabor. The teen-aged Princess Gaylia is said to be as beautiful as her mother, her distinctive features made fairer by her clear sun-elven ancestry. The young Prince Antoni is best described as well-fed and charming, a miniature version of his beloved grandfather, King Cirillo.

Magistrate Tadashi

Magistrate Tadashi of Sindh is the new magistrate of Tabor, appointed by King Cirillo to handle the day-to-day concerns of Tabor's citizens. He was formerly employed as part of Crown Princess Gaylia's personal guard. Given his mature age, he now appreciates a less physical position. Magistrate Tadeshi is known as a friendly but firm character of few words, who prefers the cases laid before him to be as brief and concrete as possible. He has swarthy skin, brilliant blue eyes, a muscular body well past his prime, and sports a graying goatee. A psiwarrior of profession, he also commands Tabor's Psi Knights.

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