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The City of Shadow

Government Type Merchant Republic
Allies None
Enemies None
Symbol: three interlocked rings, one each of gold, silver and copper
Est. Pop. 250,000+
Tier: Tier 1

Originally an upstanding city-state brought under the dominion of the Tsarven empire, they broke off nearly a century ago as their own independent region. Passing through various magistrate leaders, the city became skewed towards darker motives and became involved in matters such as assisting transport of slaves from Tharis to Tonovi, and the invasion of Torm by an allied militant force of Shadow and Tonovi's armies. Following several attempt to overthrow Shadow by powerful bands of adventurers, and the untimely deaths of its latest series of magistrates, control of the city was taken by the merchants guild. Under their rule the city was drawn back to a very rigidly-lawful standing.

Since the advent of the merchant council, many of Shadow's once-hostile neighbors now hold somewhat friendly trade agreements, if not actual alliances. Stronger ties have been reformed with Azha, and through them to the Tsarven Empire beyond, and also with Torm. It maintains contact as the sole trader with Verbobone and Seneca. Ties have loosened to neutrality with Tonovi and Tharis, who still trade with the city, but share no further alliance.

The city has a long history of change in rulership, with many being lost to assassination or simply disappearing, which is what happened to Corum Stornway in the late 760ies SG. He has been replaced by a merchant council, which has been Shadow's main form of rulership for the last century or so.

Rules of Shadow City

The Laws of Shadow are as follows:

Races - Races who are known to consistantly cause disorder will be imprisoned or executed on sight at the discretion of the Merchant Council. These races include, but are not limited to: orcs, gnolls, bugbears, ogres, drow, half-drow, underworld, goblinoid and vermin species.

Murder - Will not be tolerated, offenders will be executed.

Assault - Offenses will be accompanied by a fine and imprisonment. Repeat offenders will be banned or executed.

Sedition - Active rallying of forces against the City of Shadow will result in a fine and imprisonment

Theft - Will not be tolerated. Fines and imprisonment will result, or lossof hands and banishment for repeat offenders.

Illegal Items - Any items on the list of banned substances will be confiscated. Random searches may be conducted by city officials.

Wielding - Weapons may not be wielded in Shadow except by official enforcers of city law. If wielded, they will be confiscated.

Husbandry - Any person that brings an animal into the city is responsible for its conduct and any crimes it may commit.

Asylum - Any person who is actively hunted by another person must remain outside city limits.

All visitors to Shadow can be required to submit to random searches of their possessions at the request of the appointed officials of the city, which presently includes the magistrate and all appointed deputies. If you refuse to submit to a search, you will be required to leave the city and not return. If you refuse to leave, or leave and then return without first submitting to a search, your life will be forfeit.

The laws are to be enforced by the watch, guards and appointed officials. All residents, visitors, and occupants of Shadow agree to abide by the laws by entering the sovereign City of Shadow.

The sign is marked at the bottom with an official seal of the City of Shadow, showing three interlocked rings, one each of gold, silver and copper.

The Shadow City Council

Anthony Byne - A bookish man with a knack for numbers. He handles all of the book-keeping for the Council. Prefers the company of books to people.

Vyncent Daley - A brash and aggressive businessman who specializes in trade and working the markets. He has countless connections amongst all of the seafaring guilds that operate within the city.

Nikos Tullio - A somewhat enigmatic newcomer to the Council. He speaks and acts like a member of nobility, but no one seems to know his lineage. Considered to be well-spoken and fair but does seem to suffer foolishness or stupidity.

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