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Dominant subrace: Moon elves
Location: hidden in central Kilkaen forest
Rise: circa -7,450SG
Governance: elective counsulate
Patron: Lysara, Nim'navanon
Est. Pop. 2,001 to 20,000

Known as simply “Aketon” in rumor among the human populace, Akh'ketonn is the result of the fall of the three great moon elf kingdoms to the dark elves of Ileleste'var during the crown wars. Forgoing their wood elf cousin's fear of gathering and becoming a new target to outsiders, the moon elves instead gathered sufficient forces to enact the ritual creation of one of only two known Mythals in existance (the other in Selu'havessthor). Its effect serves to conceal their people from detection, despite many efforts by their enemies to do so. They maintain a tenuous alliance with the dwarves of Barak Morndin, after offering their aid in the orcish invasion many millennia ago, communicating through the scouts under command of the elven ranger leader, Yardleyu.

This group maintains friendly ties with Synoria first and foremost (as fellow moon elves), and loosely with the elves of Tharis forest, though these have soured somewhat in the last half-century due to the elves of urban Tharis allying with the drow of house Rilynath. They also have a friendly standing with Kinaro by way of their ranger groups (Yardleyu), despite the occasional disagreement, allied against the common foe of Tonovi, and the fear of drow incursions from the northern caves. They also have a somewhat friendly standing with the firbolgs of Lothwaite.

Notable NPCs


Longterm captain of the elven rangers of the dagger region. Maintains most official contact with Kinaro.

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