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Location: Western Barrier Mountains, east of the cornfield
Rulership: Direct democracy
Political ties: Allied with the Kilkaen elves and holds loose political ties with Torm. Tries to stay neutral.
Religious ties: Lothwaite holds Nim'navanon as their favored patron.
Tier: Tier 2

Political ties

A town of firbolgs that lays off the beaten path on the road from Shadow to Torm. Mostly quiet and uneventful and of interest to adventurers mostly due to their exquisite jewelry, drinking horn and candle shop. Rumor has it Lothwaite is just the outpost of a vast firbolg kingdom, but who knows…

There is hardly any organized crime in Lothwaite, but incidents do happen. There was a spike of crime during the troubled times of the Eternal Night and Elemental storms, at which point the city council appointed a Lead Investigator, Gwenda Hills, to deal with internal – and external – affairs.

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