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The Yniam Plains

Government Type Totalitarian
Ruler Lord Vikaelis Baghous
Allies Tonovi
Enemies None
Est. Pop. 2,001 to 20,000
Tier Tier 3

When the Unity Party took control of Tonovi, one of their first actions was a land grab eastward into the Yniam Plains up to, and including, the Dagger Road. Kaspar Strauss, Chancellor of Tonovi, turned it into a protectorate and placed it in the hands of Vikaelis. Yniam has managed to earn recognition as its own state through diplomacy with its various neighbors, eventually gaining full independence in 772 SG after the rise of Unity within Tonovi.

Yniam has further distinguished itself through their patron deity, Cacia. The faith has grown quickly since her ascension, with many traveling to Yniam to visit the temple and indulge in the luxuries grown and manufactured locally.

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