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Playing Multiple Alts

We understand that you may want to play multiple characters (aka alts) to enjoy the game. However, having multiple alts involved on multiple sides of a conflict can be confusing and create an unfair advantage, or the perception of an unfair advantage. To keep it fun and fair for everyone, we have written the following alt guidelines:

Basic Rules

Please read Rule 8 in rules.

Avatar Plots

Only one of your alts can participate actively in ongoing avatar plots. Your other alts can discuss events in general terms with publicly available information but should avoid getting involved. If you need to change which alt is active in the plot, mail the avatar in question and request a change.

Designated Main

The character that you are currently devoting the majority of your time to, is often referred to as a main, or a designated main. If you wish to designate one of your characters as your main, you can do so in your PC-notes. This helps avatars manage their time better and divide their attention between players.


Avatars will only respond to avatarmails from your main. If you participate in a plot or send up a request for your character, we ask that you do not send up requests for any of your other alts until you change your main. If you wish to abandon a request and switch mains, let us know.

Player Conflict and PK

If one of your alts is involved in a PK, you must play that alt exclusively for the next seven days, until the situation has been resolved, or until it is killed in a PK. We further ask that none of your other alts be directly involved with characters that are participating in the situation. Your character can discuss events but should avoid aiding or abetting either side.

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