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These rules have been put in place to make the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. If you notice something that may be illegal, or if you encounter a dispute with another player or staff-member, contact the law team via the <lawmail> command.

By playing this game you confirm that you are above 18 years of age, and that you have read and understood the below rules and agree to act in compliance with them.

Rule 1: Be kind and respectful

This is a game, and we can settle/adjudicate all disagreements amicably. Though the game allows you to roleplay an evil character, always be considerate out of character (OOC). Be kind and respectful to other players and staff. This also applies to the lines, see <line use>.

Rule 2: We are a roleplaying MUD

You are expected to stay in character (IC) whenever possible to increase immersion and adhere to our settings guide.

  • Keep your environment in mind and act accordingly.
  • Roleplay in accordance with your stats, skills, class, race, and resonance.

Rule 3: Write in English and avoid using modern abbreviations.

Rule 4: Report bugs and avoid gameplay automation.

  • Any scripts, triggers, etc., that automate gameplay are illegal.
  • Do not exploit bugs or mechanics. If something seems broken, report it via our <game> command.

Rule 5: Antagonistic actions may only occur between characters who have dropped their NOPK flag.

Antagonistic actions are defined as any action that purposefully provokes or annoys another character. Examples include but are not limited to: Verbal insults or threats, snitching, breaking city laws, emoting offensive actions, invasion of privacy, stealing from other players, scrying, being in a shapeshifted form, bringing an animal into a civilized area, and using dangerous, harmful and/or disruptive spells/abilities.

See <NOPK> for rules on how to roleplay with a nopk flag.

Rule 6: Sexual encounters require the OOC consent of all players involved.

  • Consent must be obtained before the scene starts.
  • Consent may be withdrawn at any time without question. It must be complied with.
  • All participating characters must be adult members of their race.

Rule 7: Respect all Fade to Black requests immediately.

This also applies to fade away requests and withdrawal of consent. See <fade to black> and <fade away>.

Rule 8: Multiple characters (alts) are allowed under the following conditions:

  • You may only have one alt logged on at any given time.
  • You may not transfer anything between your alts in any way.
  • Your alts cannot know each other. If one alt permanently retires, you may request creating a new alt that is related to your old one.
  • You may not have two (or more) alts directly involved on two (or more) sides of a conflict.
  • If one of your alts is involved in a PK, you must play that alt exclusively for the next seven days, until the situation has been resolved, or until it is killed in a PK.

See <alts> for more information and clarification.

Rule 9: Out of game (OG) collaboration and communication is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Please use the wiz channel for questions or comments regarding game mechanics and updates.
  • Make no attempts to demand or sleuth another's personal information.
  • OOC threats or abuse in any form, in game or out of game, will not be tolerated.
  • Do not use information gained by OOC means in your RP, or act upon OOC knowledge IC.

Rule 10: Using this game as a medium to conduct illegal activities is strictly forbidden.

It will always result in rid and banishment. All character interactions are logged and may be observed by our staff.

In addition to these rules, you are expected to know and abide by the rules listed in <pk rules>, <post pk rules>, <nopk>, and <line use>.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in punishment and repeat offenders may be banned and/or rid. If these rules are unclear, contact our staff for clarification.


PK (player killing) encompasses any player vs player (PvP) scenario, not only those that lead to a death. Read the below carefully before engaging in PK.

Refer to <post PK rules> for how to proceed after a PK and check out our handy list of pk commands.

Rule 11: Engaging in PK is optional

New characters have a NOPK flag that protects them from aggressive characters. To opt into PK, turn the flag off with the <set> command.

Note that:

  • Some <races>, known as PK races, have their flag turned off by default and should be chosen with care.
  • The Grace flag from recent login functions as a NOPK flag for its duration.
  • An avatar may require that you turn your NOPK flag off if you wish to participate in their plot.

See <NOPK> for rules on how to roleplay with a nopk flag.

Rule 12: Keep it IC

Do your best to keep PK in character (IC) and off the channels and resolve any IC conflict in an IC manner.

  • Ensure that your character has an IC reason for engaging in the PK.
  • Roleplay hostility and conflict before resorting to violence.
  • Race alone is only considered a valid reason if the intended opponent
  • belongs to a PK race or is in a dangerous shapeshifted form.
  • Do not act on information gained via OOC channels.

Rule 13: Show OOC consideration

Everyone is here to have fun. Show OOC consideration towards your fellow players and do your best to make it memorable for everyone involved.

  • Do not leave your opponent bound and unconscious for longer than necessary.
  • Do not take gear that you do not need.
  • Do not offer the gear/money of your opponent.
  • Do not engage with a NOPK character during a PK.
  • High level characters should not take antagonistic actions towards low level characters without provocation and are expected to show an additional level of OOC consideration towards easy targets.

Rule 14: Stay online and active.

Do not quit, go inactive, or idle out without permission from the participating players. You are expected to stay online for 30 minutes after the last attack happened. In case of emergencies, state your emergency on the OOC line.

Rule 15: Torture is allowed, but:

Sundering Shadows allows torture, dismemberment, and other forms of punishment/abuse, but nobody should ever be forced or coerced into playing out a scene of this nature. Therefore any player may, at any time:

  • Call for a <fade to black> to end the scene.
  • Call for less descriptive emotes.
  • Ask to be killed rather than to roleplay the consequences of torture, loss of limbs, etc., or simply to end the scene.
  • Any scene sexual in nature MUST have the OOC consent of all players involved before the scene starts.

If someone fails to respect a fade to black or withdrawal of consent, we ask that you log or screenshot the exchange and contact staff immediately. If no staff is available, log off and use the <lawmail> command to let us know.

Rule 16: No repeat killings or harassment

Repeatedly assaulting or killing the same character is considered harassment and will not be tolerated. Likewise, killing a person because they killed you (aka revenge killing), either personally or by proxy, is not allowed.

Note that characters who repeatedly engage in robberies and/or murder, or target lower-level characters, will find the world reacting accordingly: IC actions have IC consequences.

Rule 17: Always PK-mail

You are required to write a <pkmail> in the following circumstances:

  • When you are involved in, or witness, a player vs player event, regardless of the outcome.
  • When you commit, or are involved in, an action that makes you wanted in a city, even if that action was unintentional.
  • When you place or claim a bounty on someone.

This applies even if you have a NOPK flag or choose to invoke the <fade away> rule.

The PK mail should include:

  • Who engaged? When, where and why did it happen?
  • Were there any witnesses, casualties and/or property damage?
  • What was the result of your encounter?
  • What, if any, precautions did you take to conceal or cover up the PK?

Rule 18: Death in PK

After a PK has been resolved, please refer to <post pk> for rules on how to proceed.

Below is the short version:

If you are killed in a PK, you will lose some experience and gain a NOPK flag. The NOPK period following a death will last for 14 days, but you may choose to take a voluntary absence of 7 days instead. During the NOPK period, you may not contact, scry or otherwise attempt to learn anything about your killers. You must avoid them, as well as anyone attempting to avenge your death and any popular public places. At the killer's request, you may be temporarily removed from plots or positions.

If you kill someone in a PK, you must notify staff of any plots you wish the victim temporarily removed from. During the victim's NOPK period, you may not contact, scry or otherwise attempt to learn anything about them. You are, however, allowed to seek out any witnesses or other involved parties.

If you witness or learn of a death, that character is dead until they choose to contact you. If you were directly involved in their death, you should avoid the victim while you are pursuing, or being pursued by, their killer(s).

Failure to comply with the rules will result in punishment and repeat offenders may be banned and/or rid. If these rules are unclear, contact our staff for clarification.

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