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These rules exist to make the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. If you notice something that may be illegal, or if you are in a dispute with another player or staff member, contact the law team via the lawmail command.

By playing this game you confirm that you are above 18 years of age, and that you have read and understood the below rules and agree to act in compliance with them. You also understand that all actions are logged and observable by staff.

Rule 1: Be kind and respectful

This is a game, and we can settle all disagreements amicably. Always be considerate out of character (OOC) and on the game/discord lines.

Rule 2: Roleplaying is Enforced

You are expected to stay in character (IC) and adhere to our setting guide. Roleplay in accordance with the environment, as well as your stats, skills, class, race, and resonance. All characters must be played as adults, both physically and mentally.

Rule 3: Use English

Always write in English and avoid using modern abbreviations and idioms.

Rule 4: Automation

Any scripts, triggers, etc., that automate gameplay are illegal. Do not exploit bugs or mechanics. If something seems broken, report it via our game command.

Rule 5: NOPK flag

Antagonistic actions are defined as any action that purposefully provokes or annoys another character. Examples: Verbal insults or threats, unsolicited romantic interactions, snitching, breaking city laws, emoting offensive actions, invasion of privacy, stealing from other players, scrying, being in a shapeshifted form, bringing an animal into a civilized area, and using dangerous, harmful and/or disruptive spells/abilities.

See NOPK for how to roleplay with a nopk flag.

Rule 6: Consent

Sexual encounters require the consent of all involved characters and must take place in private.

You must use the consent command to give and receive OOC consent before the scene can start. If consent is not given, the scene cannot happen. If consent is withdrawn, the scene must stop. Romantic interactions require the consent of participating characters, while sexual encounters require the consent of everyone present.

  • Consent may be withdrawn at any time with consent withdraw NAME. It must be complied with.
  • Everyone present must be adult members of their race.
  • Mobs and NPC's have not consented and cannot be involved, or present, during sexual encounters.

NOTE: If someone does not comply with the consent rules as outlined here and in help consent, please use consent warn NAME to let them know or consent log to quietly log the interaction. This will alert staff of a transgression. If the warning is not complied with, you are encouraged to remove yourself from the situation or log off. Please use the lawmail command or contact staff in a PM on Discord to report the interaction. If you chose to use a Discord channel, flag @ admin to make sure we see it.

Rule 7: Multiple Characters

Multiple characters, aka alts, are allowed under the following conditions:

  • Only one of your alts, referred to as a main, can participate in avatar plots and send avatar mails.
  • You may only have one alt logged on at any given time and you may not transfer anything between alts.
  • Your alts cannot know each other. If one alt permanently retires, you may request creating a new alt that is related to your old one.
  • You may not have two (or more) alts directly involved on two (or more) sides of a conflict.

If one of your alts is involved in a PK, you must play that alt exclusively for the next 7 days, until the situation has been resolved, or until the alt is killed in a PK. If you are killed in the PK, you may not use another alt to initiate PK involving the same characters for 7 days or until the situation has been resolved.

Rule 8: OOG Communication

Out of game (OOG) collaboration and communication is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Use the wiz channel for questions or comments regarding game mechanics and updates.
  • Make no attempts to demand or sleuth another's personal information.
  • OOC threats or abuse in any form, in game or out of game, will not be tolerated.
  • Do not use information gained by OOC means in your RP, or act upon OOC knowledge IC.

Rule 9: Illegal Activity

Using this game as a medium to conduct illegal activities is strictly forbidden.

It will always result in rid and banishment. All character interactions are logged and may be observed by our staff.

Also see PK Rules

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